The Art of the Tuck

jennifer1015 | 09.02.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy initially found tucking to be somewhat awkward and mentally challenging. However, after several attempts, this sissy was successful in placing descended ovaries back in their proper place and taping her sissy clitty! Presently, this sissy does not own a gaff or any spandex thongs so the method that this sissy is using is taping. The first time s.he taped, this sissy did not know any better and placed duct tape on the tip of little sissy clitty! Taking the tape off clitty is something this sissy NEVER wants to experience again (ouch!!!).

So, to keep this sissy from whining and whimpering again, the next time s.he wrapped her little sissy clitty with tissue and then taped the tissue tightly around clitty with duct tape. After relocating descended ovaries to their proper place, s.he pulled her sissy clitty back as tightly (yet comfortably) as possible. S.he then tapped sissy clitty back with several pieces of tape, adhering the duct tape to smoothly shaved bottom.

OMG, what a feeling! When this sissy pulled up her cotton thong and looked down at h.erself, s.he was pleasantly surprised with a nice smooth mound in panties! When s.he looked in the mirror, this sissy could actually see a space between mound and the top of thighs, just like real girls have when they wear hot pants or jeggings! When this sissy sat at desk and looked down, s.he could see what looked to be a soft mount in pants (as opposed to a bulge). This has a dramatic psychological effect on this sissy as she goes about day to day activities further reinforcing the fact that s.he is a sissy and s.he is taking actionable steps in own feminization process! This sissy also feels a desire and duty to please her Superiors and House Staff with efforts.

Tucking clearly makes this sissy feel more feminine and now this sissy looks forward to it! For convenience, this sissy has ordered some spandex thongs (Maidenform 78% nylon; 22% spandex). Between shaving and tucking, this sissy is constantly reminded of who she is (even when s.he is trying to act like a “man”)! Thank You, House, for such wonderful information for the feminization process!


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