shoes of service

The first steps

sexynikki | 10.31.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

After reading The Zen Of Servitude, it is apparent to this sissy that s.he has a LOT to learn. Obedience and docility are what we aim for. This sissy’s opinion is worth less than the men that s.he works with. S.he must learn to hold herself in the correct position. Eye contact with men and especially women is to be avoided. This sissy must learn to show deference to women. Try to improve their lives in some way. They are after all superior to this sissy.

This sissy will start by only wearing panties from now on and will try to walk, sit and behave correctly. She will throw away he.r mens underwear as they are no longer needed.Panties will be worn everyday to remind her of the silly little sissy that she is.

These may seem like silly, small steps but they are my first.



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