The foundation through all

johnatoserve | 10.31.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Servitude is the foundation of everything johna does. So sh*e started were sh*e was told to start. Understanding how to sit, stand kneeing and walking is something sh*e is able to work on 24/7. sh*e has been doing so for over ten days and will continue to get better every day. Sitting and Standing are easy for he*r when sh*e thinks about it but without thinking first sh*e has found he*r sissy self returning to the way men sit and walk. So the pass ten days it has been on the sluts mind to think before sh*e moves. sh*e is getting it . At work sh*e has made many changes and sh*e see others noticing he*r changes. The funny part of others noticing is the gay and lesbian people are watching he*r more than others. sh*e enjoys walking the most with small steps and spine elect pelvis loose he*r small ass is able to move from one side to the other side smoothly and sexy as a runway model. Standing at work with he*r knees and ankles together and panties rubbing her clit creates a great soft and smooth feeling up the legs and down the ass. sh*e has a small issue with he*r clit getting hard when those feeling on the ass and legs begin. sh*e has had to sit down at times to conceal the clit when it gets hard and tucking becomes a problem. Sh.*e has been shaving the body for the pass two years so using tape to keep he*r clit tucked is not a problem but when the clit gets hard it seems to find a way out of its tucked place. Girl issues seem to become part of he*r life.

sh*e is looking forward to Halloween. This will be the true test of ability to pass as the women that sh*e want to become.

sh*e has to work on the way sh*e talks and the tones that sh*e uses. A app was purchase two years ago and johnatoserve has the weekend to work on getting the vocal chords in shape. Sh*e will send a voice tape when he*r vocal chords are trained.

Serving women has never been a issue. johna takes a lot of pride in treating others with respect and as sh*e become more passive and obedient he*r bosses are women and they seem to enjoy the new person that johna is becoming. Having shaved the body for two years it is clear to anyone that looks at he*r skin they do not see hair on the arms or hair any place other that the head and eyebrows. Soon the time will be here to pluck the eyebrows to look more like a sexy women eyebrows.

sh*e has one week of thinking what and how would the women around he*r would want he*r to say and act with them. sh*e will need many months of doing so to be able and confident that he*r mind thinks and acts like the Superiors that she wants to serve 24/7.

Thank you for helping a sissy slut like johnatoserve become a better person and more feminine and a princess.



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