A sissy serves her Superior

The hard questions

julia1990 | 05.20.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy has read the assignment on Servitude. s.he understands now that Servitude applies to all aspects of her life. Wherever this sissy goes, s.he understands that s.he must conduct herself as a lady, not only through her actions, but also in her mind. One of the first things that s.he must do is learn how to be a better servant. This sissy will study Women, because they are Superior.

The Superiors at The House of Sissify have shed light on a lot of things for this sissy. s.he understands now that this change has to come from the inside, and that s.he has to want it. This servitude all starts with keeping feminine poise at all times, through the actions that s.he takes, as well as through the thoughts that s.he has. S.he will act as a lady at all times, whether through walking correctly, dressing correctly, and behaving correctly, or through the thoughts s.he has.This sissy will from now on not be aggressive, demanding, or self-centered. From now on, s.he will be passive, giving, and obedient to all of Womankind, because they are my Superiors. This sissy will wear also wear panties at all times in order to remind he.r of he.r status of being a little sissy, completely controlled by the Superiors at the House. This sissy will also wear he.r panties at all times, because it humiliates her.

In sum, this sissy needs to ask he.rself some hard questions at the end of the day, such as how has s.he committed herself from moment to moment on serving he.r Superiors, putting their needs above this sissy’s own, or gone out of the way to make a Superior’s life easier, or more pleasurable.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to become a better sissy.




  1. margeaux

    That is wonderful that you want to devote yourself to the Women’s studies and how best to serve all Women. The deportment you wish to emulate will surely help you better empathize with Women. It is great how much you wish to serve 🙂

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