The Rules of Punishment

tvtamarahh | 09.11.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

On my journey to become the best sissy whore, bimbo and slut in the world and Germany I need to be a good girl. But when I am not, it has to come to these rules.

1. The punishment must truly be a disincentive.
2. The faults which are punished should be real.
3. The punishment should make the undesired behaviour unrewarding.
4. The punishment should be consistent and proportioned.
5. It must be possible for the submissive to avoid punishment by making a genuine effort to “Be good”.
6. No permanent injury must be done.

Regardless, you should remember two important keys to successful use of punishment:
1. The punishment must truly be a disincentive, not something that the sissy will seek to re-experience. So perhaps it is time to write a nice, long essay!
2. The faults which are punished should be real. If a sissy has done nothing wrong and the Dominant wishes to torment her anyhow, then it should be presented as a session for the enjoyment of the Dominant, not as a punishment for imagined wrongdoings. Even self-punishment can become self-gratification. Make sure to know the difference.

I hope with this rules my journey and development will be storng quick and perfect

Thank you for everything to all Staff of the Sissy House


  1. margeaux

    There are also different types of punishments/reinforcements too. There’s positive punishment, where something is given (like spankings!) and negative punishment where a nice thing is taken away (like losing a special day).

  2. Madame Stewart

    We love reading The Rules, and love to see that you appreciate The Rules – but listing them not a Report make! We want to hear how you applied these rules sweetie. Then We know you learned them!

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