The Shave

wendy-3 | 11.05.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Curtesy. This sissy slut proudly reports that s.he has learned a great deal from the Assignment and is properly tucked. sissy Wendy has been shaving for many years and practices this routine 4 times a week. This morning s.he bathed and soaked so s.he could prepare for shaving. s.he then shaved her legs, thighs (back and front being careful around the knee) and around her sissy clitty. s.he then shaved her arm pits and chest/abdomen area until it was friction free. Finally, this sissy shaved her arms and hands to make sure they were presentable for her manicure taking place in the afternoon.

s.he cleaned the tub and made sure there was no mess and proceeded to put on her panties after carefully tucking herself. s.he pushed her testicles inside and pulled her sissy up into her ass cheeks. sissy wendy then put on her tightest panties, periwinkle blue lace with a stretch of satin, and stayed tucked all day. Next, this sissy used peach moisturizer all over her body and sprayed Chanel on when finished dressing.

Next, this sissy walked in 4″ heels and practiced her grace and poise. s.he would walk across the room, keeping one foot in front of the other, pushing her hips from side to side, and popping her ass when stopping. sissy Wendy would then practice sitting gracefully, with her knees together, and while sitting keeping them closed, to the side and tuck underneath.

This sissy humbly submits this report in the hopes of earning her badges as The House of Sissify deems worthy.



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