A sissy serves her Superior

This Assignment will take years

rosemary158 | 08.11.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy realises that to submit a report on completing this Assignment would take years. It has taken many years to ingrained those many traits within this sissy so it will take some time to eliminate them. This sissy was totally unaware of how much work s.he will have to do in the coming months having just realised how many traits that are ingrained within he.r.

However, s.he is currently doing he.r best to learn all the domestic skills and to put them into practice. s.he is also trying her best to submit herself to h.er non participating Superior, but does confess to lapses at times in this area as old habits prevail. Something to be totally eliminated. Having had h.er first period has been a real eye opener and has reinforced he.r feminity and has given her a growing understanding of what it is like to be woman. This sissy has a long way to go and wil constantly refer to this assignment in the next few month (years). This sissy will submit a report on her first period when s.he has had time to reflect upon the impact it has had on he.r both physically and emotionally.



  1. margeaux

    That’s wonderful that you experienced such amazing epiphanies! Practicing every day and being mindful of your progression are just great foundational steps to being a happy sissy 🙂

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