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evahouchin | 11.02.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

This sissy hase been tucking for some years and also experimenting with breast enhancement hormones. For a short period s.he experimented with oestrogen pills but became concerned about health risks so s.he discontinued their use.

This sissy’s favourite erotic play is now with he.r very sensitive nipples, which s.he plays with gently whenever feeling aroused.

Sadly, s.he has not experienced vanilla sexual activity for many years. During he.r marriage s.he suffered from premature ejeculation which in time led to he.r becoming the accepting cuckold. Because of he.r problem most of he.r sexual activity with he.r wife was with he.r head between her thighs (an act which sissy learned to adore.) Inevitably, this sissy became the accepting cuckold and sexual activity eventually ceased altogether.

This sissy now rarely obtains erection and if s.he does it is rather weak and short lived. However, this sissy can obtain the most wonderful orgasms by massaging my soft sissy clit in a feminine fashion. These”sissygasms” are extremely powerful and make this sissy feel as though he.r brain is about to explode. Far more powerful than when this sissy was trying to be a man.

This sissy now loves the little four inch (erect) clitty which used to be a source of embarrassment. It is so tiny and soft when I have the most amazing orgasms – this sissy would not have it any other way.

The routine for self arousal is to stroke the nipples and introduce some anal toys and then climax with massaging the sissy clitty in a girly fashion.


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