Ladies Finery

Tradition, Attire, and the Connection with the Psyche

bimbojessi775 | 08.16.2017 | Reports - Womens Studies

Hello Superiors,

Thank you for another chance to grow and learn my place. In the 50’s and early 60’s hats, gloves, and dresses with a frilly delicate style were normalized. As the overall general attitude and veiwpoint of Women changed through the years as did the choice of style. Women started to take their rightful place as rulers. These articles of clothing had been a symbol of attempted repression on societies part. Now a days Women are recognized as the superior gender as they should be. These articles are now applicable to pathetic sissy sluts like myself. They symbolize my submission and respect for my divine Superiors who I must please no matter what. I hope it pleases my Superiors for me to display my comparable insignificance physically which will initiate permanent changes mentally as well.

Thankyou Superiors for yet another illustration and bastion for where I belong.


  1. margeaux

    As women are more and more bucking traditional gender roles, its great that us sissies will willingly embrace the former feminine submissive role in order to find our own happiness. We all can decide the kind of life we wish to choose 🙂

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