Proper Correspondence Etiquette
michelle559 | 06.10.2017 | Assignments - Place and Worship

This sissy is happy to report to the House that she has been reviewing the Proper Correspondence Etiquette almost every day and is ready to submit her report.

Humility was very hard for this sissy because she used to be very sarcastic in everyday conversation but after her first few months here in the House she is always very respectful to the Superiors off the House and very polite when chatting with other sissies. This was important because this sissy needed constant practice to break her of this nasty habit.

When it comes to yelling this sissy thinks that she is quiet when speaking to Superiors and sissies. This sissy agrees with the House on how a sissy should never type in caps because it would anger the Superiors of the House and no sissy ever wants that. Being quiet and waiting for Superiors is what is expected from a good sissy.

This sissy always makes sure to never use upper case when speaking about herself and always makes sure that whenever speaking to Mistress or any Staff from the House to always give them the respect they deserve and use uppercase. This sissy loves this step because it reminds her every time that she is a sissy that should always obey what her Superiors say.

Since this sissy’s first day she has been making sure to always refer to herself as sissy and never use i’s. This sissy understands how important this lesson is because it is a constant reminder that she is nothing more than a sissy now and that how the constant humility is positive conditioning for her.

This sissy tries her best to keep composition in her letters and writing to others of the House. She hasn’t had the opportunity to personal write and sign but this sissy always tries to do her best when it comes to grammar and spelling but this sissy is not perfect and does make mistakes but thanks to the House of Sissify this sissy is making fewer mistakes now.

This sissy never wants to make trouble with the Superiors of the House so she always does her best to maintain the same threads when speaking with Staff. If a sissy could make less work for her Superiors then this sissy should always do so without hesitation.

Impatience was a weak spot for this sissy when she first arrived because she saw how much the House had to offer and wanted to do everything right then and there. Over time this sissy say the value in patience and realized how it was up to the House to decide when they respond to her and how she should never bug the Superiors because this sissy is just that a sissy who obeys and follows the House of Sissify’s rules.

And last this sissy understands she is a guest here in the House of Sissify and would never want to upset the Staff after everything they have done for this sissy.


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