trisha-kobichenko | 09.04.2017 | Uncategorized

This sissy has her daily chore list committed to her feeble memory. Rise, greet her Superior, who is her SO as well. Inquire as to what SO wishes for breakfast. Then sissy fixes breakfast for SO, walks the dogs and does the dishes. Only then does she consider breakfast for herself. Sissy’s next task is daily laundry…washing, drying and folding clothes for the household. Sissy then inquires as to what SO might like for lunch, then prepares and serves it. When SO is finished, sissy fixes her own lunch, does the dishes and cleans the kitchen. Then sissy tends SO’s garden, watering, planting, trimming as directed by her SO. After gardening, it is time for Sissy to go food shopping, asking what her SO requires and/or wishes for her evening meal and pleasure. After returning from shopping, sissy puts all the purchases away in their proper place and begins to fix dinner. While preparing dinner she offers her SO a snack and drink, serving it on the deck.

Sissy cooks and serves dinner, then cleans the kitchen. then sissy asks SO is there anything that is wished for, anything to make SO more comfortable.


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