Zen Girl

True Zen of sissyhood

tadaj | 09.11.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy needed to Google Zen and then read several links at the start of this Assignment.

There are so many definitions; many seem to struggle to verbally define Zen…perhaps vocabulary alone, is inherently insufficient. Perhaps we must rely on our own meditations to fully define our Zen; this sissy began s.her meditation on this:
“Strictly speaking, there are no enlightened beings, only enlightened activity.”

1) Work on this Assignment began with behavior awareness and modification on one of Your requirements: “Sitting is a posture that you must perfect”. It took little to begin to properly sit as You describe. This one finds the exercise very supportive of a state of feminine modesty, subservience, and a quiet statement of submission. This sissy is endeavoring to sit in this enlightened way when alone or in front of others.
2) Walking……This sissy found modification to meet Your guidelines more difficult……it will take more meditation to effect enlightenment. It does make this sissy feel very sexy when done correctly….is that the goal?
“While you are walking…remember(ing) to walk like a sissy…small steps…glide…keep(ing) your spine erect…pelvis loose…sway ever so smoothly from side to side…draw(ing) subtle attention to your panty covered bottom…
3) Redemption: This sissy found that s.he can instantly move into an enlightened space with the mantra You offered:
Have i served a Woman today?
Have i placed a Woman’s needs above my own this day?
Have i identified and done some act that has further defined myself as the sissy servant i am?

This sissy is spiritually on her knees before You, my Superior Goddess. You are the reason s.he exists, You are s.his Guide, Teacher, Mistress and the reason for existence.


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