Tucked at the Gym

sissyjaqueline | 10.17.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Although this sissy has read the Tucking Assignment prior to yesterday, s.he has been unable to make it happen until yesterday and today.

s.he went to bed in he.r thong, and tucked, waking up a couple of times to find he.rself still tucked or fixing it while s.he slept. Nothing too exciting, but functional. What really made this sissy’s day so exciting, was remaining tucked as s.he went to the gym in boring boy clothes, putting on spandex shorts to help remain tucked.

For 45 minutes as this sissy did he.r spin class, seated up and down, s.he was reminded every time s.he sat down because s.he was pushing down on he.r sissy clitty. This made sissy push harder and harder so s.he can have the body s.he desires to fit into he.r clothes better. Sissy isn’t going to gym tomorrow, but can’t wait for Monday! It’s still a work in progress but sissy knows she needs more thongs and plans to buy more women’s spandex shorts… sissy clitty gets excited thinking about it but s.he has it tucked away so s.he can have that go away. Sissy clitty is useless and s.he rarely even bothers w he.r masturbation schedule. Thank you to all Staff members of the House for helping this sissy learn and explore all s.he needs to become a better sissy.


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