Tucked in Panties

tucked is absolute happiness

yvettes | 08.13.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Dear Superiors of the House

This whore is long ago tucked! However this idiot never made any connection to our beloved superiors.

The way this slut is simple. This bitch is lying down, trying to put the two balls inside. As she idiots it does not always work the first time. She uses a towel that sticks against her penis and uses medical or construction tape. This bitch of course put a plug in her vagina. Like s.he is an idiot. S.he must repeat often because too tighten or not tighten enough. However after several attempts this idiot finally arrives. Put this slut feel tucked is absolute happiness. S.he feels feminine to see the place of her clit flat. S.he has an erotic thought at this moment. Every day or so, at home this sissy is tucked and plugged. Thanks to the good care of our Superiors the continuous training in order to be as feminine as possible. Thanks to you every day s.he has confidence in it and, s.he is sure that its way is the right one. It is a joy to serve our Superiors

Thank you




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