Art of the Tuck

Tucking in Medium Panties

ashleyanne | 11.18.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy has, for the second day straight, practiced to improve in the fine art of hiding the parts less desired in a sissy: the art of the tuck. This sissy acknowledges and understands the desire of the Mistresses and Madames of Sissify that this sissy diminish the appearance of this sissy’s tiny clit.

Having shaved and applied lotion to this sissy’s legs, panties that are one size too small were used to secure this sissy’s modest to overly too small appendage in a tucked away position. This tuck was maintained for this sissy’s 30 minutes walking commute.

Something weird happened though and this sissy is curious whether this sissy is the only one to experience a “squirt.” In other words, while tucked away and tightly secured in position, this sissy coughed and, as a result of the cough, fluid squirted out of this sissy’s fully relaxed clit into the gusset region of this sissy’s panties. This sissy doesn’t know if the fluid was precum (she drips a lot under normal circumstances), cum, or urine. Either way, this sissy plans on buying pantyliners or maxipads on the walk home tonight to protect her finery from such emissions.

This sissy believes that she is learning to tuck in an acceptable manner but this sissy will welcome any constructive criticism.


  1. elvi slives

    Hello ashleyanne this sissy is so happy for you.fors.he has experienced a similar wetness..Extreme arrousal intense and short as a gasp for air.A very pleasant purge .It mat be needless to say but this sissy loves your report.

  2. geri

    It’s pre-cum sweetie. This sissy leaks all the time but her clitty seldom gets past being semi-aroused. sissy can’t wait to find out what happens on her scheduled masturbation day on Wednesday.

    This sissy agrees tucking can be difficult to maintain but practice makes perfect.

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