walk like a sissy

sissyjoy82 | 10.02.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Dear Mistress,

Thank You so much for the excellent instructions for learning to walk like a sissy! The sissy started off with taking a nice long bath and shaving herself smooth all over. Then she put on her slutty lingerie to make herself feel all feminine and slutty. The sissy got ready to practice her sissy walk by painting her toes red and wearing her 5″ black high heels. The sissy then stood in front of her mirror and repeated out aloud “i am a sissy, i am Not a Man, i submit my arrogant masculinity to my Superior for eradication.” a few times until she felt ready to commence her training.

Initially, the sissy had trouble balancing the books on her head and had to use her hands to keep them from falling off; but, eventually after a few attempts was able to successfully walk the full length of her bedroom taking dainty little sissy steps. After being able to walk daintily without dropping the books on her head a few times, the sissy started paying attention to her hands. Gradually, the sissy was able to walk to and fro with her wrists hanging limp. With more practice, the sissy even tried walking with one hand on her hips, imagining herself as a runway sissy model walking the ramp! The sissy promises to keep practicing until the sissy walk becomes her natural regular walk all the time.

Thank You


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