Walk the walk

sissymelinda | 08.07.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

What an amazing assignment! Step by step directions to help this sissy get her sissy walk right! Buying heels was probably the most fun part. Being in the closet still, heels were purchased online so the wait was painful but worth it! While waiting sissy melinda practiced her elementary walk with the rope and books. It was surprising how difficult it was to prevent from a usual man stride, truly having to think every step of the way. Once my shiny red 5″ heels arrived it was right to the intermediate walk. This has been a challenging process as walking in heels is no easy task (another reason to respect the superior sex and how easy true women make walking in heels look). After a while this sissy’s feet were killing, it seemed appropriate to follow up with a foot worship assignment now having a small idea of what a woman goes through on her feet all day! It is not near perfect at all, but this sissy is proud of her progress in her sissy walk. Once sissy melinda becomes a little more comfortable a video may follow :/ 🙂


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