tiffy walks

tiffy walks the runway

tiffydoll | 05.05.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Tiffy loves practicing her sissy walk every day. As well as properly preparing herself by removing all nasty hair from her body (except for her eyebrows), taking a nice long hot shower, applying fragrant body lotion, touching up her manicure, and then applying makeup. It’s fun to dress up for the daily walk.

Tiffy has a wonderful, long “runway” to walk — the hallway runs into the dining room which connects with the living room. With hardwood floors throughout, the boards and cracks provide a “chalk line” to walk, and large mirrors at the end of the hall and in the living room help correct this sissy’s posture and hip sway. This sissy loves the mantra, “i am a sissy, i am not a man, i submit my arrogant masculinity to my Superiors for eradication.” It makes this sissy feel good to say it. (giggles)

Of course tiffy started out staggering down the line and dropping the book, then the two books, from her head, but finally smoothed out her movements and improved her posture. Starting with 2 ½ inch heels, it was fun learning to “pop” this sissy’s hips with each step and then eventually developing it into a graceful sway. It was so sexy and made tiffy feel good to see herself in the mirrors.

Tiffy has been practicing this assignment for about a year, and now does this assignment in 5-inch heels. Like many assignments here, tiffy feels it will never be completed. Tiffy must continue to practice every day trying to improve on her female pose and gracefulness. This sissy is not as flexible as she should be so she will continue to practice stretching and is considering joining a yoga class. This sissy even practices in public sometimes. Walking down the aisles while grocery shopping, sometimes tiffy just cannot help herself.

Tiffy wants to thank all the Superiors for another wonderful assignment designed to give us the training and skills which we need to be better sissies.


  1. helen puppy

    helen admires tiffy’s posts tremendously. tiffy’s heart and spirit come through as so warm and devoted to her training and experience. And tiffy doll is funny and twinkly in her style!

  2. Madame Stewart

    I’m actually enjoying how you have not submitted these Reports in a year or so – as now I can see how the training has affected you over the long term. Great job tiffy! Keep walking that runway!

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