trnelittlesiaay | 05.24.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

So I have been reading alot on here today trying to get it all deep in my memory not to forget it.. I started my day off getting a warm shower hand washing my worn panties from yesterday. I immediately tucked and covered my clitty after showering because I now understand that my useless organ is always to be tucked cover and hidden in my panties and never be seen by others! I hung my clean panties to dry deciding that I would slip on dress I have and study my Assignments. Today I have practiced my girly walk I decided to practice walking around my neighborhood I’m my dress practicing taking small steps gliding spine straight pelvis loose and relaxed. Walking with head slightly tilted down eyes also hand on my side and also folded right in front of my crotch… All this made me tingle inside as people drove by me knowing they are looking and they only live houses down from me I just kept walking trying to master my ladylike walking habits… Also I have not touched my clitty any today making sure I sat to tinkle and wiped using wet wipe immediately tucking away back out of sight.. my nipples has also been very sensitive when walking today after slapping pinching and whacking with a wooden spoon Everytime my clitty even thinks to try and get hard. Just moving against the fabric of my bra was very sensitive today.. they tingle feeling very pleasing and reminding me that I’m no longer posing as a man and I have and always will be the girl I was supposed to be! I will be buying some more outfits hills for walking and new panties in the next day or two! I want plenty of outfits for each day also and some sexy lingerie to show myself to my sisters and the world… Most of all the Staff of the Mouse making sure I am pleasing to the eye at all times.


Something to share sweetie?