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Wanking Day

sissygurlk8 | 08.16.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

This sissy enjoyed he.r special day by starting off with he.r chores and getting them done early, then s.he began pouring a bath while s.he gave herself an enema douche. Once s.he was squeaky clean on the inside, this sissy slid into the warm bath and luxuriated in the water. Once she was nice and relaxed this sissy took he.r biggest, favorite dildo and laid it in the bath with he.r. S.he raised he.rself out of the bath and lubed he.r pretty pink boi-pussy hole. Then this sissy slowly lubed he.r rubber lover, carefully covering ever inch of it’s thick 6 1/2″ round girth and 8″ length. This sissy slowly rubbed he.r hands up and down it’s length. Preparing he.rself for it. Preparing he.r mind to take he.r lover, to take it inside he.r needy body.

Kneeling over the warm water, this sissy slowly eased he.r lover against the puckered opening of he.r boi-pussy, waiting for he.r body to accept it in. S.he eased it’s head into he.r hole, slowly pushing, pushing until the head passed he.r rings and the shaft slid more easily into he.r depths. This sissy eased all 8 inches of thick cock inside he.r and then back into the bath. S.he relaxed into the water and slowly took he.r little sissy clitty between he.r left thumb and forfinger, encircling the head of clitty and gently rubbed he.r fingers up and down the top of he.r clitty. Slowly this sissy rubbed he.r clitty for over 20 minutes, working he.r lover in and out of he.r boi-pussy, still rubbing he.r clitty.

Sissy had a wonderful time in he.r bath, enjoyed every minute of he.r wanking, but s.he wasn’t able cum. This sissy was frustrated by he.r lack of boi-juice. S.he felt great since he.r body loves having he.r rubber lover inside. S.he enjoyed the privelege of rubbing he.r sissy clitty since it was he.r special day, but s.he still didn’t cum and still had no yummy cummy to put in he.r tummy.

This sissy isn’t sure if s.he can make he.r little sissy clitty get hard anymore without listening to he.r sissy hypnosis! This sissy guesses that is exactly what this s.he has always wanted, but it still comes as a surprise. Later today, this sissy laid down in he.r bed and listened to some of he.r sissy hypnosis, s.he listened to he.r hypno mistress tell he.r how much s.he was addicted to cock and needed cum, how s.he was meant to serve men and respect women and how s.he was destined to live he.r life as a sissy. As s.he listened to the sweet words of hypnosis, this sissy was able to get hard and cum in her sissy hand like a good gurl. This sissy slurped the yummy cummy off he.r fingers sucking each finger in a slow sexy way, pretending they were a real lovers cock.

This sissy had a lovely special day and thanks he.r mistresses for the privilege of he.r wanking day. – Hugs and kisses, sissy kate


  1. margeaux

    That was a very sexy and erotic report. The bath seemed quite luxurious and then moving towards hypnosis was just so “squee” worthy. Its so fun to train your mind to crave to be a slut [giggle]. Hypnosis is the best 😀

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