laurianna-payot | 10.16.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Dear Mistresses and Staff of the House of Sissify:

This little novice sissy curtsies gracefully before you all with her deepest respect. s(he) has ever so carefully and gratefully twice and three times absorbed all the valuable lessons of The Zen of Servitude and is eager to return to these lessons time and time again until they entirely wash away even the memory of any traces of masculine behaviors and attitudes, and s(he) dedicates herself to return to these lessons again and again and again as affirmations of the docile and compliant and obedient and self-effacing and sweet and lovely sissy s(he) so very much dreams ever more perfectly to become.

This little sissy has always respected and worshiped and adored all Women to the deepest reaches of her being. s(he) is completely dedicated to serving and pleasing Women. s(he) is grateful to All Women for their examples and shaping guidance. This little sissy craves the approval and love of Superior Women upon whom s(he) is so completely dependent for affirmation and support. This little sissy is surrounded by inspiring women in her day to day life, first by the wonderful and overwhelming presence and example of her cherished and profoundly respected wife, whom s(he) is so completely dedicated to serving and pleasing in any way s(he) can and in any way even a whisper suggests that s(he) can do better, and then by her wife’s friends, beautiful and powerful and commanding women, who fill this little sissy’s little life with such wonder and inspiration and joy. This little sissy loves to prepare elaborate and beautiful meals for his wife and to elegantly entertain her friends among whom s(he) loves to play the role of the gracious hostess while the Superior Women, in whose presence s(he) is so privileged to find herself, discuss their business and other affairs. s(he) has learned never to dream of offering an opinion unless this is requested of her, and when her opinion is solicited, which is only rarely, s(he) offers it only with a becoming tentative humility, often in the form of a beseeching question. This little sissy is always mindful of her need to cultivate her very own special feminine poise, which radiates from her soul and is reflected in her delicacy and her self-effacement and in the careful attention to detail that she brings to maintaining an impeccable and lovely home for her wife, and the ever increasing care and attention s(he) gives to herself to assure that s(he) is as pretty and smooth and soft and feminine in her presentation as s(he) can be. s(he) is grateful always to wear her panties for their soft caressing embrace and support, and her lingerie for the sheer beauty and luxury of their soft swirl and feminine adornment. This little sissy walks with small delicate feminine steps and moves with all the grace that s(he) has learned from repeated practice and with the fluidity and elegance that s(he) has absorbed from her belly dance classes with Gillian Kofsky. s(he) kneels and sits with practiced feminine grace and modesty. s(he) glides across a room or down the street with fluid grace and downcast eyes, always with her arms close to her sides and her wrists relaxed, always with her posture erect and her shoulders back. With each passing hour of each passing day s(he) is learning how better to please Superior Women, how much more to find her own joy in the eddying whirlpools of her deepening and ever perfecting submission to Superior Women and in her own ever deepening and ever more practiced and ever perfected femininity. This little sissy knows that all of this is only her beginning. s(he) is so completely grateful to the Mistresses of the House of Sissify and to All Women for their continuing guidance and instruction and affirmation. For this little sissy the world is changing and s(he) is so very happy, so thrilled to be finding her true place in it.

Respectfully and in complete obedience, laurianna


    1. hi darling felicity, little sissy laurianna is so grateful to her sweet sister felicity for her kind comments. little sissy laurianna so completely adores and worships Superior Women and is so thrilled to be living in a changing world in which Superior Women are at last Taking Their True Place of Dominance and Control. little sissy laurianna is so very happy and happier and happier with each passing minute of each passing day to be perfecting her service to Superior Women and to be becoming ever more and more and more becomingly the reflection of Their Wishes and Desires. pretty little sissy laurianna so admires darling sissy felicity’s banged chin-length angled bob cut. is this sissy felicity’s own beautifully-styled hair or is this sissy felicity’s marvelously pretty choice in her wig ??? pretty little sissy laurianna also so admires sweet sissy felicity’s beautiful facial complexion. s(he) so hopes that we may share beauty secrets together and support each other in our ever more attentive and detailed self-care and beauty regimes. pretty little sissy laurianna is simply obsessed with all the details and musts of her own personal care and in becoming ever more pleasingly slender and weak and pretty. does felicity follow Lisa Eldridge’s wonderful beauty and makeup website ??? this is where pretty little sissy laurianna adores spending as much time as s(he) can each and every day. little sissy laurianna must rush away now. s(he) has a little shopping and housework that s(he) must do now. it is never good to be rushed with her little duties just before her Mistress returns from her demanding career. little sissy laurianna so needs to be as composed and as pleasingly pretty and as ready to serve as s(he) can be when her Mistress returns to Her Lovely Feminine Home. little sissy laurianna so very much hopes to share with you and to be supportive of each other, darling felicity. with hugs and little kisses, pretty little sissy laurianna O O x x

  1. pretty little sissy laurianna curtsies gracefully, her eyes downcast in her joyful docile shyness, with her most profoundly grateful respect and submission to Madame Stewart and to All Superior Women. sweet and compliant little sissy laurianna is discovering thrilled happiness in her ever completing submission to Superior Women upon whose Instruction and Guidance and Approval and Support s(he) is so completely and joyfully dependent. little sissy laurianna craves the Approval of Superior Women and is so grateful to receive more and more Approval from the Superior Women whom s(he) is so deeply grateful and privileged to have in her life. pretty little sissy laurianna is so very grateful for the Assistance of Madame Stewart and the Mistresses and Staff of the House of Sissify as s(he) continues with each passing second in her every gesture and in her completely compliant behavior to serve Superior Women in every detail and refinement of her submissive sweetness and loveliness and in deepening the joyous well of her cherished femininity. little sissy laurianna is discovering the most thrilled joy of her entire life in finally coming home to her own sweet femininity and in joyously eradicating any any any trace of masculine defilement of her true femininity. pretty little sissy laurianna loves being her sweet and lovely and completely compliant feminine self in adoring and worshipful service to Superior Women. with her most grateful and most graceful curtsy to Madame Stewart and to All Superior Women and with her adoring and worshipful love, ever Yours, ever prettier, ever more compliant, ever more and more and more feminine pretty little sissy laurianna

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