darlababy | 10.19.2017 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

This sissy has been getting h.er body totally waxed for a few years. H.er esthetician has known s.he is a sissy and has seen photos of h.er dressed. H.er esthetitician doesn’t recognize h.er and thinks s.he is a woman in the photos. Sissy always wears a lace thong and sometimes a matching bra for h.er appointments that h.er esthetician compliments h.er on. S.he feels the most girly when s.he gets waxed! Nothing feels better than nylons on freshly waxed legs! Sissy often talks about sex with h.er esthetician and she encourages h.er to work on h.er makeup and comportment. While h.er esthetician is not a fan of giving oral sex to her husband, sissy would love the opportunity to help her with that! Maybe some day…….


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