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Worship of the Superior

rosemary158 | 08.16.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Last night this sissy prepared a room with seated candles and somewhere for h.er Superior to lie down and relax. This sissy’s Superior would not support Her sissy’s orientation so this sissy had to take care not to alarm h.er Superior – whom she wanted so much to please. Although a little surprised, sissy’s Superior allowed h.er to undress her although keeping her panties on.

This sissy too was undressed but kept her panties on (which were plain black and looked a little like male slip ons. This sissy warmed and oiled h.er hands and proceeded to massage the feet of h.er Superior. First oiling and rubbing the front of the foot, then in between the toes, going on to massage the underfoot and then caressing the heels before transferring over to the other foot. This was repeated several times before sissy’s Superior indicated that she wanted her lower legs massaging. Again this sissy warmed her hands, applied a liberal dose of oil and then proceeded to massage each leg making quite sure that the oils were well massaged into both skin and muscle. Like with the foot this sissy repeated the process many times on both legs. It became clear that the Superior was quite happy for this sissy to massage the upper thighs. This was an enormous honour and so this sissy proceeded to apply the oils to the front and back of the upper thighs and then repeating the process over the length of the both legs and and feet. This sissy was careful not to take advantage of h.er Superior by making sure that her hands did not at anytime stray into the forbidden zone designated by Her panty lines. This pleased sissy’s Superior very much so she told sissy to remove h.er panties. This sissy could not contain herself at being granted such a privilege as this does not occur very frequently. Their was this sissy’s Superior’s secret place revealed in magnificent glory for h.er to gaze on. However, sissy’s Superior made it clear that his time the massage was not to be carried out by hands and fingers but by tongue alone. This sissy cannot express fully the joy it was to slowly caress her Superior with h.er tongue, gradual excite Her clit and then feel the mounting pleasure arise and overcome h.er Superior. It was a time to be savored and hope that sissy’s Superior will all Her sissy again to nestle in her bush and bring her to the pleasures and orgasm She deserves. Afterwards sissy and h.er Superior went to sleep – sissy with her panties still on and tuck while h.er Superior remained naked.

I want to thank the House for helping me with training techniques that I used and which were so useful. Only slight regret is that this sissy wishes h.er Superior would see Herself as the Superior She is and to see her sissy as what s.he is and use h.er as such.

I am afraid that no photographic evidence can be supplied as sissy’s Superior would most certainly not allow it.


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