Worshipping a Goddess

jsmithcici | 11.04.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Submitting to a Mistress requires total immersion into being submissive and worshipping one’s Mistress as the Goddess She is, the Supreme Being of your life. A true submissive should kneel in the presence of it’s Goddess, seeing Her as the one and only Deity in it’s life. Such an acceptance makes serving Mistress something a submissive is called to do. A calling is something one embraces. A calling is greater than a job, a chore, a desire, a fantasy. A calling is a way of life. When “called” to be a submissive sissy to a Goddess, a Mistress, one enters into a way of life that is a privilege and an honor. A submissive sissy should see such a calling as her life’s purpose. Embracing one’s calling results in service to a Supreme Goddess becoming the joy in a submissive’s life. When serving brings joy then learning what Mistress requires is not training, it is happiness. Such is the case in this sissy’s life. Mistress is sissy’s Goddess, her Supreme Being. Serving Mistress is a calling, the sole purpose of sissy’s life, the reason sissy exists. Serving Mistress is a privilege, an honor for which sissy will be eternally grateful.

Serving Mistress is the dream that sissy was called to do. jimmie


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