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The sacred place of my Mistress is Her very special place, Her Pussy. sissy does not consider orally pleasing Mistress to be a sexual act for sissy, sissy sees it as a spiritual act. When sissy places her lips and her tongue on Mistress’ sacred place sissy is worshipping this heavenly space. sissy believes orally pleasing Mistress is not for sissy’s sexual pleasure. It is all about Mistress’ pleasure. The act itself is an act of servitude and commitment. sissy finds pleasing Mistress in this way to be intoxicating. Mistress’ taste is more wonderful than the finest wine. The feeling of Her clitoris against sissy’s tongue is better than any feeling imaginable. Pleasing Mistress’ pussy is an honor, a privilege, and the greatest treat ever.

Mistress has had experiences with other Women. Her instructions to sissy is to “eat Me like a girl would”. Mistress gives sissy directions during the act-“turn your head this way, lick higher, put your finger in, go slower, go faster, be softer, be rougher..” etc. Mistress takes total control of sissy’s actions. Mistress is sissy’s Director and sissy follow Her directions to the letter. sissy has learned to “do it like a girl would”.

sissy loves to gently kiss Mistress’ breasts when Mistress tells sissy to pleasure Her. sissy worships Her breasts then Her navel, then Her legs high up near Her sacred place. sissy loves to lick Her lips with the delicious aroma of Mistress filling sissy’s nostrils. When Mistress touches the back of sissy’s head sissy knows to slip her tongue into Mistress. sissy darts her tongue in and out of Mistress. When Mistress again touches sissy’s head sissy seeks out Her beautiful clitoris. sissy gently sucks Mistress’ clitoris cock and flicks sissy’s tongue on Her sweet spot. sissy either slows down or speeds up as Mistress signals. After several minutes Mistress will direct sissy to put sissy’s fingers into Mistress. sissy slips two fingers while continuing to flick sissy’s tongue on Mistress’ clitoris. Mistress will direct sissy to go slow, go slow, go fast, go slow. sissy follows Mistress’ every directive. sissy’s fingers move rhythmically in concert with the movements with sissy’s tongue. After a time Mistress will start to arch Her back and tell sissy, “show me what you got bitch”. sissy gets totally focused on pleasuring Mistress. At a point Mistress will arch Her back and moan loudly as She has an intense orgasm. The orgasm goes on for awhile. When Mistress relaxes She tells sissy, “STOP IT”. sissy stops and Mistress rolls onto Her stomach. sissy doesn’t have to be told what to do. sissy starts tonguing Mistress’ beautiful ass. Mistress grinds Herself into sissy and sissy tries to reach into the depths of Mistress’ ass with sissy’s tongue. sissy tongues Mistress for 10 to 15 minutes. Mistress will then say “enough bitch”. sissy stops and when directed gets Mistress a warm wet cloth for Mistress to wipe down with. Mistress gets up and tells sissy, “good girl”. sissy is ecstatic that sissy has pleased Mistress.

sissy is living the dream serving sissy’s Mistress.



  1. jimmie – well described (and you have obviously done a wonderful job) – penny considers herself a fairly good cunnilinguist, unfortunately, unlike you, she is not in a situation where she has the opportunity to use these skills.

    penny is envious
    be well

  2. Honey, this is the most important skill you can learn to satisfy a Mistress. I wish more girls knew how! Every girl should learn to worship at the Special Place of the Divine Feminine. More of this!

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