First Assignment

The Zen of Servitude

yeliza | 06.04.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

This sissy has been busy since s.he applied to the house, s.he has started with the assignment The Zen of Servitude like You suggested. this sissy reads the quality replacments every day.

Whilst this sissy is at work s.he is always chanting the things s.he wants to eradicate and the things s.he wants to adopt to he.rself to reinforce the message into he.r sissy brain. s.he fins he.rself reminding he.rself that s.he has to sit like the sissy s.he is, s.he finds that s.he still has to remind he.rself to keep he.r hands folded in he.r lap and he.r knees tucked. Once s.he does remind he.rself to sit like the sissy s.he is it feels better to sit that way. s.he always tries to keep this in mind when sitting down anywhere, be it at work or at home. While this sissy hasn’t had the chance to buy he.rself panties s.he will do so very soon and wear them everyday like instructed. this sissy is also focusing on he.r walking techniques by making he.r paces smaller and placing one foot in front of the other. s.he does this anywhere s.he can. As an additional way to enforce the behavioural changes this sissy wants to go through s.he chooses one of the eight qualities to be replaced and writes down what s.he wants to do with said quality eight times. this sissy hopes you find he.r first report appropriate. Thank you for your time by reading this.

Curtsies and bows.

sissy yeliza


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