A wonderful wife

You would make someone a wonderful wife

jamie71 | 07.20.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Dearest Superiors,

This sissy humbly offers a first assignment and is thankful for the wonderful Superiors who have created this site so it can learn to truly be the sissy it should be.

Practice of the posture whilst at home was followed by smaller, non-stride steps at its place of employment today and will continue hereafter.

As this sissy was at home it realized that something nice for the Superiors at its place of employment would be to cook and bring lunch for all. The healthy yet tasty meal of grilled chicken with vegetables, rice and mashed potatoes was greatly appreciated by all Superiors and a comment of “You would make someone a wonderful wife”, whilst said in jest, did make this sissy’s heart race.

Panties under it’s work clothes was almost a daily occurrence, but that will now be a constant.

This sissy is a work in progress but is hoping that it can learn to eradicate the maleness that it hides behind to become a sissy the Superiors are proud of or at the very least not appalled by.

This sissy understands this assignment to be a start in correcting its previous errant behaviour, to also help it understand it was put here to serve it’s Superiors.

The seating and walking sections will help to remind this sissy of it’s place and to also help Superiors see what it is.

Love and Kisses ,

sissy jamie


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