yvettes first step

yvettes | 09.11.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Curtsey Dear Superior!

This slut try to walk like a girl! To tell the the true, wen you are fat like is not easy . Wearing heel is for this silly slut a wonderful pleasure. So s.he try to walk like a slut. On video s.he don’t feel feminine. But s.he try to be a good servant and a good slut. The heel that s.he is wearing are very comfortable but not enough high for a slut.
Thank you for taking time for this sissy .

All my soul and devotion are for the House.




  1. princess sugar candy st. john

    very nice. walking like a lady is important. a sissy can have everything else in proper order, but if s.he is manly when s.he gets up to move, all that work and effort go for naught.

    this sissy certainly agrees with Madame Stewart that a ladylike walk demands toes pointed inward. still, your walk was very nice.

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