sissy-shi | 10.31.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Dear Mistresses,

sissy shi was reflecting a lot about Servitude and the right attitude coming with the right servitude. Finally she learned it will be a lifetime journey to improve more and more coming closer to the right feminity. There is a little story sissy wants to tell. When she was waiting in a waiting room she sat as told with closed legs and her hands on her lap. With her polished foot nails and her painty she felt very feminine at this moment especially compared with all the men who were typically sitting like men and compared to some other women. It was not easy to stay in this way of sitting all the time because the behavior and the used way to sit worked against it. So there was needed a certain focus to keep like this. Sometimes people looked at sissy and maybe they thought how is this guy sitting all the time, and sissy was proud doing it and felt to be on a really good way. This little story shows how with little things a big effect can be earned, but it’s a long way to get this done automatically.

Sissy was practicing her walk as well. First she thought this would never work with the books on the head especially with the very high heels. But so to say step by step it worked better, felt better and gave the right feeling again.

There was another behavior this sissy was reflecting. The bending forward. Because when we are doing our duties, chores, cleaning etc. we often have to care on objects placed below our waist. Sissy is now training to bend over with straight legs when she can reach things not too low, and to go down with closed knees when things are on the ground. Not like a man who opens his knees. This also feels very feminine.

Servitude with the right sensitivity for little things and with permanent focus on them will become better step by step, but it will last a life long. But the effects are amazing, also because we can do them in public, and that’s what we are longing for so extremely. Living as a girl all the time and everywhere.

Thank You so much for this lesson, Curtsy and submissive greetings

sissy shi


  1. Oh shi it is so true! Its, like, we all gotta be extra conscious and deliberate to sit in a proper lady like way. Totally retraining our bodies for the right way to do things [hugs]

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