safety with herbal hormones

I want to talk to you about Safety. There are a lot of misconceptions out there regarding herbal healing and other uses of herbs (such as for feminization), and I hope with this to be able to clear some of those up. Safety with any treatment is essential for overall health and well-being, whether it be allopathic or alternative in nature. … Read More

choosing the correct hormone path for you

So you’ve been surfing the net and haunting the library and hanging out in book stores looking for every tidbit of information you can find on feminization. You think you know enough to make an informed decision. But do you really? I’ve been in the Internet chat rooms, I’ve sat in offices with patients, I’ve listened to people on the … Read More

Ditch the Real Men For A Sissy

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Haven’t we all become rather tired of the same old ads that portray supposedly manly men in that stereotypical way. Let’s not talk about Tiger Woods and how it can back fire for leading brands but here at Sissify we’ve tired of mens ads that do manly in a very specific way. Have you noticed how they show clean jaws, … Read More

princess philippa


Ms. Stewart’s  Special Princess! Princess philippa has become a gorgeous & radiant collared sissy, and recently swore her devotion to her dominant Mistress. Doesn’t she look divine in red and pink for Valentines? So much so you would never know her road to femininity was a little bumpy. Her poor Mistress initially struggled to get our Princess to discard her ugly male … Read More

Text Messaging for Valentines

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Valentines is a day for love and lovers. A day for flowers, romance, and candy hearts. A day for Cupid, kisses and snuggling galore! But how do you communicate to your Superior in this modern age other than on your knees? According to a leading mobile provider, Valentine’s Day is the most popular holiday for text messaging. From February 13th … Read More