Perfect Portraits

Perfect Portraits

Have you ever wondered how you can create better portraits and photos for your Gallery? Learn how!

swimsuits for sluts

A girl can feel positively driven to get a little wet in the steamy, sticky, and sultry summer. If you’re going to get wet, you need a new swimsuit!


jonnaAssignments - Beauty Secrets2 Comments

Dear Superiors, sissi jonna has had real challange to learn to do face makeup. sissy has trained makeup for a long time and mostly disappointed to the result. For that reason s.he started to visit makeup professional – makeup artist – nice lady. sissy jonna found that this professional did very nice makeup at the same time when she and … Read More

Figure Training

It is one thing to wear the garments of femininity and to flaunt your desires – and shamefully, your panties! But that is not what being a sissy is all about. Pretending to be a sissy may deceive for a moment.. but will never fool your Superiors, who look deeper for real commitment and discipline.