In the glass
by candle flame
flutters the moth
drawn irresistibly
not long to live
dark and dangerously
the mirror image of the
painted lady
left for right
dark as
she is bright
full of her own wonder
of her own being
of her own life force
of greed for the light
of her own beauty
by her own gaze
by her own spell
approaching the
one moment
of pure

by michele ayton

Girlish Boy Found out

let me tell you something sweetie
I like you much better this way
really I do you are so much nicer
this way I mean that admit it you
like it too you feel so much better
to me all femmed up you do it yourself
now dont be coy girl stop blushing
and admit you like doing it for
your big bad dadamama you like it
everything about it at first you
hated it when I made you dressup
all the time you hated it when
I made you go en femme and buy your
very first hard rubber dick and
hated it when I strapped it on and
used it on you in you but you really
got to like all that sexy humiliation
didnt you until I started bringing real
men home ones who knew how to make a
woman feel like a woman and you had
to wait on us and watch us let us say
fuck and I made you clean his cum out
of me with your tongue sucking lips
and throat and then i let my man fuck
you you hated all that at first but
now sweetie baby girl thing you want
just what every girl wants
you cant wait to be all femme for him
you just love to get him hard for me
I like watching your lips wrap all
round his hard dark redboiling cock
you are so girly soft now arent you
lipstick panties wrapped on one ankle
big soft bottom up dont tell me
you dont just love it when I whip that
badbad bottom bottle all too ready
and I love every minute of you
like that and I know please suck please
please suck those tiny nipples
who will I wont until you beg me
and even then I just might like to make
you make me come first with your mouth
and tongue you have learned to make me
swollen my cock is so hot in your mouth
the liquid sweat in our crack is burning
ok tell me you love me tell me sweetie
and tell me baby just where is that

by diedre

Musings of a sissy

In seeking paths of torture
yet in love freely given,
i have wandered toward demesnes dark.
To the Lady i have spoken
yet Her stinging lash have not felt.
Journeying far o’re roads less traveled
is the course for me.
Under wild stars i will reach eventually
this place of worship at the Goddess’s feet,
to serve and adore Her, to say “Merry Meet”.

She is Chaos in the hinterlands;
in Her skies planets crash and
stones burst asunder, blossoms of fire
against the darkened wind.
i have witnessed the birth of Hope
in universes forming; from whence singularity arises.

She is the Voice that sounds that roars when glaciers crack,
and the dreams of restless sleep.
She is the depth of the abyss,
and the echoes of the deep.

i hear Her in all my waking dreams;
i see Her in forest glens.
Under a silvery moon in shifting shadows
She dances down by where the wildewood wends.

Under Thy merciless sting i awaken
to the bite of love’s bliss;
lions fly on gossamer wings,
a new reality i might have missed.
Thy spiked boots and cruel whip
leave me helpless and enslaved,
yet my passion is woke to the end of desire,
to Your stable to be yoked, my destiny to be paved.

i wear the clothes You have given,
whether in love or in pity,
destiny’s door now open,
lead me on in makeup to Fem city.

by kikki

Haiku for Mistress

lipsticked lips disclose
when words and deeds are restrained
love whispers softly

by yvette


I’ve spent my first week as a member,
perusing page after sissify page.
it all sent my heart quickly racing,
pictures, assignments and advice so sage.

Oh how Miss Ayme I envy,
and I’m jealous of Mistress Celeste’s sucker of men.
The tucking and dildo play lessons,
I’ve begun without waiting for when.

And oh what examples your she male pix make
the double-o-25 action; so hot!
But as I plan out my future journey,
blond 0021-23’s the goal when a male I am not.

Last night I grabbed pen and a note pad
to jot down a plan for the next year.
This is the path that you’ve powered me on,
I want you to be first to hear.

The first goal’s to lose several inches.
I’m off to the treadmill and all.
Motivating me is my outing,
I plan it to take place next fall.

Reducing my waist to a thirty
is something I’m bound to achieve.
On Valentine’s Day I will tug on,
a red lace corset it’s fit will relieve.

Once reaching goal one I embark on phase two
that’s to see if I can pass en-fem.
I plan a March trip to a makeover artist’
in hopes I won’t look like any men.

Photos and details will be sent to you
your feedback I’d humbly request,
then Spring and Summer will see me work hard
giving new voice, walk and makeup my best.

All through this time it will take strength I know,
a coward’s this sissy’s long friend.
I’d relish the chance to be trained and to serve
a strong mistress, my persona she’ll bend.

From spring into summer beneath suits I’ll wear
panties, garters, lace hose and red toes.
My own laundry I’ll do to learn servitude work,
and to make sure my spouse does not know.

I’ll send via tape or photos as wished
updates on my gradual fem’ growth.
Your feedback and words I’ll longingly await
any negatives I’ll humbly loath.

If the lessons I pass October’s the month
when I plan to try once and for all,
a conference will take me down to L-A
and oh I shall have quite a ball.

Once there and alone, the razor I’ll use
to shave my bod’ hairless at last.
On my slim frame I envision to tug
a bra, garter and silk stockings, not fast.

I’ll walk through a mall, no doubt nervous throughout
hoping not to be taken for male.
Perhaps even I’d stop and try on a dress
motivated if it should be on sale.

For a whole week, as a woman I’ll dress
visiting clubs, bars and adventures all fun.
Men I hope to meet for dates and for more
never returning before the rising sun.

I’d long to model for a photographer’s lense,
both fashionably and showing much skin.
Perhaps I can even get a hot role in a film
the kind that some call a sin.

After that week the tough choices come,
what to do with the fem that’s unleashed?
Will suppression rein, amidst very much pain,
or do I change realizing my goal has been reached?

by heather


Pausing in her efforts,
Her Grace approaches
holding her dreaded whip.
For a moment,
she runs her hand
Over my flesh
Admiring the marks
her tool has made,
As an artist assesses the marks
Of her brush upon the canvas.
Leaning close , she speaks
in a low voice
which reflects her arousal.
“I want to teach you
something about posture.”
She says.
“When bent over like this,
with legs spread wide,
your jewels become
a near perfect target
for my whip
and they are
quite likely
to be hit.
I wanted to warn you,
that you could be badly hurt.”
As she turns to walk away
she laughs and says,
“Now, spread your legs wider, slut,
and reach for your ankles!”

sissy fellatrix

The Dream – Part Two


Sleep comes and the dream returns.
I stand before Her Grace
Wrapped only in my skin
And beg to receive the caresses
Which give her so much pleasure.
“Please, Your Grace, touch my flesh;” I plead,
“Because I know you love this game.”
She laughs and says,
“And where shall my kisses be laid?”
“Kiss the spots which will give you
the most pleasure,” I reply.
“Good,” She smiles as She uncoils her whip,
“Now, turn around and bend over.
Then, spread your legs WIDE!”
Trembling with dread, I slowly comply
And await the pleasure
She will take from me,
As her ten foot whip
Caresses my flesh…

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The Dream – Part One


When sleep comes
The dream returns.
My Sovereign approaches
And finding me in slumber,
She awakens me gently.
“Follow me,” She sings
And I will teach you pleasure
Beyond the dreams of mortal men.”
Enchanted by her beauty,
The sweet melody of Her voice,
And Her heavenly smile,
I find again
The Siren song
Can not be denied.
Taking my hand,
She smiles and begins:
“Your first lesson in bliss
Is that true ecstasy
Can only be achieved
In giving pleasure
To others.
My Pleasure
Must be your Pleasure.
My Joy
Will be your Joy.
My Delight
Shall become your Delight.
And in pleasing Me,
you will find true Happiness.

Do you accept this?”
“Yes, Your Grace,” I smile.
“Good,” she says,
“Now before we begin,
I want you to know,
That the game
We will play
Will give me true Pleasure
And that means
It will be a Pleasure
For you as well.
Are you ready, to begin?”
“Yes, my Queen.”
Without further hesitation,
She orders me
To remove my clothes,
and says:
“Then stand here,
Spread your legs wide
And bend over.”
At this moment I notice
The instrument of pleasure
Which My Lady carries
In Her alabaster hand
Is an elegantly fashioned
Long and sinuous bull-whip…
At this moment, the phone rings
And I wake to find myself
alone and clammy in the dark,
Longing for the pleasure
which was to come.

sissy fellatrix

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Here on the stand
With the book in my hand
And truth on my side

Hand me my sentence
I’ll show no repentance
I’ll suffer with pride

If for honesty
You want apologies
I don’t sympathize
If for kindness
You substitute blindness
Please open your eyes

Because my duty
Was always to beauty
And that was my crime

Feel elation
To know I can trust this
Fix of injustice
Time after time

If you see purity
As immaturity
Well it’s no surprise
If for kindness
You substitute blindness
Please open your eyes

depeche mode

The Candidate

The beautiful, long-haired woman with prominent cheekbones,

exquisite pear-shaped ass,

high proud breasts,

almond-shaped green eyes,

and flawless,

alabaster skin sits across the desk from me with her perfect,

red-tipped fingers folded demurely in her lap.

Respectfully, she presents her credentials and does her best to convince me she is a serious minded person who can handle the responsibilities of the lowly job she so eagerly seeks. “Yes, sir,” she says, and “No, sir,” as she looks at me believing I now hold her fate in my hands. Yet I wonder how she would react if she knew that under my pinstriped suit I wear pink panties trimmed with rows of lace. Would she smile if she knew that within hours I will don petticoats and a red maid’s uniform becoming a parody of herself in order to receive instructions from a dominant woman more beautiful than she on how to hand-wash panties and then bow before that same whip-wielding lady begging her to whip my flesh raw. Would she see the humor in this moment? Would she laugh?


by sissy fellatrix