Girlish Boy Found out

let me tell you something sweetie I like you much better this way really I do you are so much nicer this way I mean that admit it you like it too you feel so much better to me all femmed up you do it yourself now dont be coy girl stop blushing and admit you like doing it for … Read More

Musings of a sissy

In seeking paths of torture yet in love freely given, i have wandered toward demesnes dark. To the Lady i have spoken yet Her stinging lash have not felt. Journeying far o’re roads less traveled is the course for me. Under wild stars i will reach eventually this place of worship at the Goddess’s feet, to serve and adore Her, … Read More

Haiku for Mistress

lipsticked lips disclose when words and deeds are restrained love whispers softly by yvette


I’ve spent my first week as a member, perusing page after sissify page. it all sent my heart quickly racing, pictures, assignments and advice so sage. Oh how Miss Ayme I envy, and I’m jealous of Mistress Celeste’s sucker of men. The tucking and dildo play lessons, I’ve begun without waiting for when. And oh what examples your she male … Read More


Pausing in her efforts, Her Grace approaches holding her dreaded whip. For a moment, she runs her hand Over my flesh Admiring the marks her tool has made, As an artist assesses the marks Of her brush upon the canvas. Leaning close , she speaks in a low voice which reflects her arousal. “I want to teach you something about … Read More


Condemnation Tried Here on the stand With the book in my hand And truth on my side Accusations Lies Hand me my sentence I’ll show no repentance I’ll suffer with pride If for honesty You want apologies I don’t sympathize If for kindness You substitute blindness Please open your eyes Condemnation Why Because my duty Was always to beauty And … Read More

The Candidate

Would she see the humor in this moment? Would she laugh?

Terror of the Dragon

Burning burning Through my soul My words have been twisted And taken as something else Throwing my mind and heart Creating pain and anger within me Destruction would be too easy So I must temper myself Saving me from the emotions within Why must dragons always burn Yet still feel the cold about I must go on I must survive … Read More