princess auta erotica

Truly a 21st century Princess. Sexy femme, a touch androg with a dash of the modern primitive. Corsets switchblades and tattoos. Such a bad bad girl. One can tell that a night out with Princess Auta would be a huge step into the dark, wild, and totally wicked underground. A true glittering diamond found in the shadows of a dangerous…

princess andrea taylor

Her name is andrea taylor. i am a pathetic sissy transvestite. It has taken me many years to admit to the obvious fact that everyone else was always laughing at: iam a naturally feminine male, a true girly guy. However once i stopped denying this truth, it became quite apparent i’ve been a sissy transvestite girly guy for my entire life,…

princess amber nicole

amber_nicole old thumb

Beauty baby.

Sometimes the Staff is moved to vote in Princess on the simplest of qualities. Sometimes it’s been how well they serve, or how well they help their sisters. Of course there are many that have submitted Assignment Reports that demanded their recognition, while others have been incredibly well rounded thus creating an excellent showpiece for Princess.

Yet that’s not why We chose amber….

On the most Lovey Dovey Holiday of the year, what distinction could we possibly choose princess upon?

Beauty. Baby.




discipline is the key to submission

princess aline

It’s ok. She can take it. We’ve known this capricious little slut was a princess in the making, but look at her now! Right here with the big girls. How? By working on her Assignments like a good sissy, being a pleasure to others and always polite to her Staff, that’s how. Taking a 9″ dildo doesn’t hurt either.  …

Princess Leslie

Princess Leslie likes to look her best…. and from this photo set, obviously likes fine art. At the House We consider ourselves connoisseurs and We can tell Leslie’s a fine hand with a brush, just look at her nails and you will agree. Overtime this sissy has become quite a painting herself and worthy of adorning any room. Just look…