DNA – Chapter Two


part 5

Jim had never been so terrified, he had always prided himself on being able to face any situation but some reason having to face Anne’s boyfriend in this body was far worse than the time he had been drawn into a brawl at a bar years before.

As he rounded the corner into the hall Paul looked up obviously expecting Anne, his momentary surprise was replaced with a broad smile. “Hello, you’re Julie, right? We met briefly at your parents place last christmas.”

“Uh… thats right,” what the hell am I going to say, he thought franticly. “Anne had to work late, one of her projects was at a critical stage.” Jim watched horrified as Paul’s eyes flicked over her breasts, before looking at her again. Jim realised Paul probably was not even aware he was doing it. It’s almost an instinctive reaction in men to girls like me, he thought.

“Typical, its not the first time she has forgotten me for her research. That’s what I get for dating a career woman like Anne.” He smiled ruefully.

He’s got a cute smile, thought Jim. He suddenly realised what he had thought and shock ran through his mind. This body is affecting me more than I thought. “She said she would be working through the night and won’t be back till tomorrow morning,” Jim blurted out.

Paul looked at her askance, she’s attracted to me he thought. Why else the shy, nervous glances. He watched Jim bite his lower lip in apprehension. Dear God, she is so sexy, Paul thought. His eyes flicked across her breasts which were straining a blouse just too small for them, he felt his cock stir in his trousers. The last couple of weeks had seen Anne cancelling dates, she always did this when she reached a major point in her research. When he had arrived and seen Anne’s car gone he realised he would almost certainly have another frustrated evening.

Now? Well maybe not. “Its a shame I came all this way for nothing. Never mind, so you’re staying with your aunt?”

“Yeah, just a day or so.” Jim searched his mind for something to say. The words, “would you like a drink?” popped out of his mouth. No! You idiot! You want to get rid of him, not give him a reason to stay.

“Thanks, just a coke, I’m driving.” He smiled and followed Jim to the kitchen.

Jim was uncomfortably aware of Paul standing right behind him as he got the coke out of the refrigerator. He tried to stop his hands trembling as he poured the drink into a glass and handed it to Paul. As Paul took the glass, their fingers touched. Paul maintained the contact longer than neccessary, then took the glass. “You have very nice hands,” he said. Jim didn’t know how to reply to this and just managed a shaky smile, a part of his mind preened at the obviously genuine complement however.

“So you’ll be starting college after the holidays I suppose. What do you want to do?”

Jim thought franticly, “I want to follow my Aunt, what she’s doing is so important.”

Fortunately Paul didn’t know Julie at all, so Jim could make up most of his background as he went along. Half an hour passed and Paul was showing no sign of leaving. Jim was becoming frantic, he wants me he thought. Several times he caught himself wondering what it would be like to be on the other side during sex. To be the one to lie back and open his legs, to feel a hard cock inside him. Once he caught himself looking at Paul’s crotch, he suddenly realised the direction his thoughts were going and firmly shoved them out of his mind.

Jim could tell from the look in his eyes that Paul had seen him trying to size up his cock, he had to get rid of him fast before Paul tried something. Jim made some excuse about having to get ready to go out with some friends.

As Paul was reluctantly leaving he asked if Jim had a boyfriend.

“No! uhh no, not at the moment.” Jim cursed silently I should have said yes, now Paul would be after me. Jim recognized the look on Paul’s face, the predatory look, he’d had it often enough when after a pretty girl.

On the doorstep Paul suddenly turned around and kissed Jim on the lips. Jim was taken totally surprise as Paul held him in a strong embrace. Jim opened his mouth to protest, but realised his mistake when he felt Pauls tounge in his mouth. Part of Jim wanted to thrust him away, but somehow he could not find the will power to do it. Despite himself, he enjoyed the kiss, he loved the feeling of protection the strong arm around him gave. He found himself responding, kissing Paul passionately. He felt his nipples start to tingle and the strange wetness at the crotch he had felt that afternoon when playing with himself. He realised how it could end up and he did not want to go to bed with Paul despite the responses of his new body.

Finally, he found the strength to pull back from the abyss. Paul smiled at his Jim’s flushed face and heaving breasts, “Well, I’ll see you around before you go back home.” And then he was gone into the twilight, leaving Jim stunned on the doorstep.

Back inside Jim slumped heavily in an armchair, making his heavy breasts jostle, but he was too preoccupied to notice. A man had kissed him. A man who quite obviously jump into bed with him at the slightest invitation. He could feel the Paul’s strong lips on his, the rasp of stubble against his soft face. And the smell of a brand of aftershave he had used himself just this morning. Paul’s reaction was a perfectly normal one when confronted with such a sexy young woman, Jim theorised. It was his own reaction that disturbed him, he had been almost ready to give that invitation to Jim.

A sudden image of a naked Paul leaning over him flashed through his mind. Jim thrust the mental picture, it’s just this bodies hormones, just relax. Tomorrow Anne will have worked up an antidote and all this will just have been a bad dream.

It had only been a couple of hours since Anne went back to the labs, but Jim decided to phone her anyway to see how she was getting on. He sighed with relief When Anne answered the phone. “Anne its me, Jim. How is it going?”

There was a slight pause at the other end of the phone, then Anne said “It’s going slowly, you can’t rush these things, just relax.”

“Paul came over a while back.”

“OH HELL!! I forgot all about him, we were supposed to see a movie tonight. Did he see you?”

“Yeah, but I managed to convince him I was Julie, visiting you. It was a bit hair raising I can tell you.”

“Why, did he try anything?”

“No,no. Nothing like that.” Best not to tell her, “I just feel very odd in this body.”

“Look Jim, you might not like this suggestion, but I’d like to call someone in to look after you while I work.

Jim certainly didn’t like this idea at all, but at least it would stop incidents like what happened with Paul. “Who?” he asked.


“What! Your niece! How is she going to react when she hears there is a man running around with her body!”

“She’s quite level headed and she is the only family member who is really interested in what I do. She knows about the gene therapy work I’m doing and she is open minded. I can’t tell anyone here because I’d get fired by the board for your accident.”

Jim thought about it for a bit, “Alright.”

“It’ll take her about two hours to get over, go get some sleep. Julie will let herself in.”

He reluctantly agreed and hung up, he was very uneasy about revealing his predicament to anyone and surely he didn’t need someone to help him for one more day before Anne worked up an antidote. But Anne probably just doesn’t want me left alone to worry, he thought. I wonder how Julie will react to me?

Jim realised he was exhausted after the evenings excitement and he was soon stripping off in Anne’s room. He had some trouble removing the bra, but finally he managed to get it off and his magnificent breasts swung free. He searched for some pyjamas, but it soon became obvious Anne only had frilly nighties. The night wasn’t that cold so he decided to not wear anything.

His body was still fairly tired from the transformation and it was not long before he was fast asleep

part 6

Anne hung up and rubbed her bleary eyes. She was getting nowhere. The DNA altering virus she had injected Jim with had resisted all her attempts to remove it. If she increased the potency of the virus any more it would destroy his entire genetic makeup and Jim would literally disolve.

A more worrying fact was that the small supply of Jim’s blood was fast running out. It was the only remaining stock of Jim’s male DNA and when it was gone Anne would have no way to turn him back into his old self. But it was vital she used his blood to confirm it worked.

There was one way to get a new supply of Jim’s male DNA and that was to inject someone with a virus containing Jim’s DNA but that would only result in another person being landed in the same problem. In other words, Anne had hit a brick wall in her research. It often went like this, a breakthrough would come and then nothing but careful experiments for years with no results. Jim’s problem couldn’t wait a week let alone years, eventually his family or girlfriend would report him missing. And the last reported sighting of him would be entering the institute.

That was why it was vital to bring Julie in on it now. A second Julie running around would be noticed sooner or later and only Anne’s niece could cover for him. Only Julie could keep Jim from coming to the notice of the authorities. Which was worrying because while Julie was intelligent, she tended to have a very mischevious personality, and she got up to a lot of things her parents would never believe she was capable of. Julie and Anne were fairly friendly, partly because Anne was easy going and partly because of the shared interest in medicine.

Fortuneatly Julie answered the phone. “Oh, hi Anne. Whats’ up? You know what time it is?”

Anne answered with a tired laugh, “Yeah I know. Look, Julie, I’m in some trouble and I need your help. Could you come by the institute.”

“What? Now?”

“Yes, now. Please Julie I wouldn’t be asking unless I really needed help.”

“Okay. I’m on my way, meet me at the gate so I can get in.”


Three hours later and a fairly shellshocked Julie pulled into Anne’s garage. She had half convinced herself that this was some elaborate joke and her friends would surprise her inside. Anne had shown her the notes she had made and then told her that Jim had fallen on the DNA virus sample. Julie remembered when Anne had demonstrated on her how to draw a sample of blood from a patient. Anne had seemed strangely insistent, now Julie knew why.

She checked the kitchen and lounge, nothing. Then she headed upstairs. The spare room was empty, the bed wasn’t even made. As she pushed open the main bedroom door she realised her heart was racing.

There in the bed was a figure, the moon was nearly full and the room was bathed in its soft light. Julie eyes were adjusting to the relative darkness and she bent closer to look at the face. She gasped silently, it was no joke. The sleeping girl had her face.

Julie pulled back the duvet and looked at the girl’s full breasts, very familiar breasts. Identical in every regard to Julie’s own, even down to the small mole on her left breast.

Suddenly, after seventeen years of being an only child, she had a twin sister.

The figure in the bed stirred and her eyes flicked open. Julie smiled at the girl and said. “Hi, I’m Julie and so are you by the looks of things.”

Jim struggled to full awareness, the shadowed face looking down at him was one that had become awfully familiar to him over the last few hours. He felt a faint breeze and looked down, she had uncovered his breasts. It still felt very strange to see two large mounds of flesh rather than the slightly hairy chest he was used to.

Julie noticed where he was looking, “Hey, don’t worry. It’s not like I’ve never seen them before.”

“No, I suppose not. You’re taking this very well.”

“I haven’t got used to the idea, I still don’t totally believe it and the evidence is right in front of my eyes. When you’re back to your manly self. I’ll give Anne hell for using my blood without telling me.

“It’s cold tonight you should have something on. Look I can see some goosebumps, well two large ones anyway.”

Jim could not help but laugh, partly at the totally ridiculous position he was in.

Julie watched him giggle. “Come on I’m serious. I’m not having you catch a cold while I’m looking after you. Anne has some nighties about here somewhere.”

“I’d rather not wear that if you don’t mind.”

“Nonsense, it’s just for one night isn’t it. And I’ll be the only one to know. Here, this one isn’t too bad is it.” She held a long fairly plain nightgown.

Jim agreed and Julie helped him into it. It didn’t feel that odd to him, and the fabric felt smooth. Far better than the scratchy pyjamas he had to wear as a kid.

As Jim settled back into bed, he noticed Julie was stripping off and slipping into a slightly frillier nightie. “What are you doing?”

“Going to sleep, move over. The spare bed isn’t made and I’m not sleeping on the couch.” She slipped into bed next to him and waggled a finger at him. “And don’t get any funny ideas. Keep your hands to your- self,” she said in a mock stern voice.

As Jim slipped back into sleep, his mind wandered over the day he had had. He had got up with the intention of working on the car, but by midday he had found himself in a buxom young girl’s body. Had played with himself, been chatted up. And was now in bed with his new twin sister. I’ll never have a day as strange as that again, he thought.

But then, he had no idea what the next day would bring. Which was perhaps just as well.

part 7

It was dawn by the time Dr Anne Chamberlain drove tiredly home. She had planned to have the cure to Jim’s predicament ready by now, but things had not gone according to plan. Anne had not discovered any way to remove the DNA altering virus which had turned Jim into a very pretty young woman.

She had decided wisely to take some well needed rest for several hours before returning to the problem. The house was quiet, Jim and Julie were obviously not up yet. Anne stumbled into her room and was about to collapse on her bed, when she saw it was already occupied by two twin girls in their late teens. The one on the far side was snoring softly, it took her a moment to realise it was Jim and Julie. Anne still had misgivings about involving Julie in this, but only Julie could keep Jim under wraps until Anne could cure him, if she could cure him. She could not decide which one was Julie so she just woke the one nearest to her.

“Whassup?” The girl said softly.

“Julie?” asked Anne.

“Well of course I’m Julie, who did you think I was? Santa Claus?” Then she looked over to the other side of the bed, “Oh, yeah, I forgot.”

“How is he?”

“I can barely believe he was a man,” Julie replied. “If he wasn’t my clone, I’d have thought this was some practical joke. I think he was a bit rattled by his encounter with your boyfriend.”

“Well, Paul does come on strong to woman. His eyes wander all the time. But he’d never do anything but look and flirt a bit.”

Julie nodded, “But Jim doesn’t know that. He had absolutely no experience on how to deal with that sort of thing. But I’ll teach him how to deal with men on the prowl.”

“No, you won’t.” Anne had to struggle to keep her voice quiet. “You just keep him out of sight of anyone and keep him calm. That’s all. I’ll have this problem solved in a few days.”

“Any progress?”

“Well, not exactly, I’m following up an idea that may make it possible to replace it with a new virus once, any more would cause the whole genetic structure to break down. It means any user could change his or her genetic makeup twice. I’ve produced some samples and I’ll see how they’ve progressed tonight. The trick is to find a way of replacing the virus, without harming Jim.” Anne yawned.

“You get some sleep. I’ll get the spare bed ready for you, best to leave Jim to sleep.”


“Time to wake up, Jim.”

Jim opened his eyes and looked up at Julie, The sun was streaming in through the window and Julie was already dressed. “Is Anne back yet?”

“Yeah, she’s in the spare room fast asleep. She has made some progress, but you’re stuck as me for another day.”

Jim looked a little despondent, “Hey, it’s not that bad.” Julie said. “Come on, you have a shower and I’ll pick out some of my stuff for you.”

Jim made his way to the bathroom, feeling the odd but not unpleasant feeling of his silky nightie against his smooth legs. He locked the bathroom door and stood in front of the mirror. He stared at the girl in the mirror, at her ruffled hair and sleepy face, she was still exceptionally attractive. Jim pulled off the nightie and stepped into the shower. As he washed, he felt the streams of water hitting his breasts. He found the feeling erotic and was soon more than slightly aroused. For all its strangeness this body felt good.

When he had finished he dried his body. He wasn’t quite sure how to dry his long hair, so he decided to ask Julie. He put on one of Anne’s dressing gowns, at first sight he thought it would be too small for him, but he remembered he was a lot smaller than he remembered and it fit well except for around his ample chest. In the end he had to leave it slightly open displaying a lot of cleavage. Jim still had great difficulty in believing this beautiful girl was him.

When he returned to the bedroom Julie had just finished laying out some clothes for him. He saw a white silk bra and panties set and a cream colored summer dress, “I’m not wearing a dress.” He told her

“Well in my hurry to pack last night, I didn’t bring anything other than dresses and skirts, so you either wear that or run around in your underwear giving everyone a thrill.”

“Well, alright.” He agreed reluctantly, he wondered what it would feel like to wear such a lovely outfit. He caught himself thinking that and grimaced, the sooner Anne cured him the better.

“If you need any help, just yell.” She locked the suitcase and put it in the corner. She was glad she was able to shut it before he saw the two pairs of jeans in there.

When he was alone Jim pulled the panties up his long slim legs. They fitted perfectly. Next came the bra, he slipped his arms into the straps and positioned his breast in the cups. He managed with a little struggle to do up the bra, how did women do this day after day without breaking there arms? He adjusted it and was surprised how comfortable it was. The bra Anne had bought him yesterday was obviously just a little too small, but this fitted perfectly. He found himself exhilarating in the feeling of the bra cosseting his substantial breasts.

Then he turned to the dress, after a momentary indecision he put it on. feeling the folds of the cool, soft fabric falling around his body. It had a very feminine smell and Jim felt the faint stirrings of arousal. Julie had left some shoes out for him, they had a two-inch heel which he found slightly odd to walk in.

He practised walking in them and watched himself in the mirror. It was nearly impossible to believe that in the beautiful young woman in the mirror was the mind of a tall muscled man. The dress felt strange, every time he moved he felt it brushing against his shapely legs. It made him feel very vulnerable.

He headed downstairs and found Julie flicking through the channels on the television looking for something interesting. She looked up as Jim entered and smiled, “That looks good on you.”

“It feels weird.” Jim said and slumped into the chair.

“Yeah, I understand. If I became a man, I’d probably freak out.” She looked at him and grinned broadly. “There is one thing you must remember when wearing a dress, unless you want the world as your gynaecologist you keep your knees together.”

Jim snapped his legs shut and pulled the hem of his dress over his knees. Julie was amused to see him blushing. “Come on, Anne told me to wake her up in a couple of hours. I’m going to put dinner together for her, want to give a hand?”

His experience in the kitchen didn’t go beyond ready-to-cook meals and sandwiches, but he decided to keep himself occupied rather than just sit and worry about the future. For the next hour Jim was kept busy. He wasn’t much help, but it did keep him occupied.

About noon, a still tired looking Anne came down and devoured the meal. Her first proper meal since breakfast the day before. As she was about to leave for the institute, she turned and said to Jim. “I’m really sorry Jim, I promise I’ll get you back to normal soon.”

“It’s not your Anne, It was just bad luck I fell on the sample.”

Anne nodded and managed a weak smile. But she felt a knot of anguish, it was her fault. She had done this to him just because she was impatient. She noticed he was wearing a dress, Anne was worried what a prolonged stay in that body would do his mental outlook.

After she had gone Julie said “Poor auntie. She’s wearing herself out.”

“She feels responsible for what happened to me.” Jim said sadly.

part 8

The day had turned warm and sunny and Julie decided to sunbathe. Jim declined an offer to join her and sat in the shade while Julie stripped to her bra and panties and laid out in the sun.

At some point Jim must have dozed off, because when he awoke he heard Julie answer the phone.

“No, she’s been and gone. You know what she’s like when she is really on to something…….Well, I don’t know, I’m not sure it’s the right thing to do…….” She laughed. “Well since you put it that way! …….Alright, seven o’clock it is. Seeya bigboy.”

“Your boyfriend?” asked Jim as she returned.

“No.” She said with a mischievous glint in her eye. “Yours.”

Jim felt a stab of fear. “That was Paul wasn’t it!”

“Yeah, you really made an impression on him yesterday. What did you do? Grope him?”

“NO!” He replied blushing furiously. “I’m not going out on a date with him!”

“Why not, look it won’t go anywhere on a first date and he is a gentleman. He’ll take no as an answer.”

“Not too much of a gentleman to two-time his girlfriend.” Despite himself, Jim found himself warming to the idea.

“Look, in a day or so you’ll be back to your male self. Why not see what it’s like to be wined and dined. He’ll not expect too much on a first date I’ll phone him tomorrow, break it off with him and he’ll be too embarrassed to tell Anne. It might stop him from straying for real.”

Jim said “NO!!” as firmly as he could in his contralto voice and stalked upstairs. As he lay on the bed he mulled it over in his mind, what on earth was up with that girl? She must be mad, slowly however he saw it from her point of view. It would be fun to see what it was like from the other side. Paul was a gentleman and wouldn’t try anything if Jim objected. But what if you didn’t object a part of his mind said. He rejected that with a smirk, of course he would object, being in a woman’s body would not make him fancy men. He remembered ogling Julie as she sun- bathed, yep, he still preferred women. And maybe doing this would stop him from straying with other women so this might help Anne rather than hurt her.

As the hours passed he came round to Julie’s view, it would be an unique experience for a man (as if he hadn’t had enough of those). Julie was delighted when he told her, and immediately started to get him ready. She decided the dress was good enough for the date but she gave some pantyhose for him to wear and she did his hair and makeup.

The pantyhose felt very strange on his soft legs, almost like a second skin. He loved the quiet swishing noise they made as they rubbed against each other. Julie wouldn’t let him see himself as she slowly and methodically applied his makeup. When she finally let him see himself he gaped in amazement. I’m beautiful he thought.

Julie’s skilful work had made Jim’s face even more beautiful. He admired the glossy red lips and delicate blusher. He was entranced by the gorgeous woman in the mirror, when he felt something tugging at his ear. Julie had clipped a silver earring onto his ear, the strange tugging feeling felt odd, but seemed to fit somehow. She delicately added some perfume and she stood back to admire her work.

Finally she took off her silver crucifix necklace and put it on Jim. She looked at his face in the mirror, “Go knock him dead, sister.” He continued to admire the goddess in the mirror until the doorbell interrupted. “Right, that’s him, Jim. Go and enjoy yourself and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” Despite Jim’s shocked protestations she dropped a packet of condoms in his purse, “Just in case you really can’t control yourself.” she said.

Jim set off downstairs to answer the door, while Julie had to stay out of sight in the bedroom. Suddenly this seemed like an insane idea to Jim, what was he thinking of when he agreed to this. Taking a few deep breaths to steady his nerves, he opened the door.

Paul was on the doorstep, dressed casually. He smiled when he saw Jim, “Hi Julie, You’re looking lovely tonight.”

“Thank you, Paul.” Jim was very disconcerted by the complement. Paul escorted him to the car opened the door for him. Jim struggled into the seat belt, his tits were large and beautiful but they got in the way. Paul got in the driving seat, gunned the car and surged down the street.

Julie watched in apprehension as they drove off, it had all been one big joke up to now. But she was not sure Jim could handle his new body. The condoms had just been Julie’s way of having fun, but now she wasn’t sure he would not need it. The body seemed to be affecting him slightly, though he was still mostly male in his head, he did seem almost feminine at times. Also, she was not sure Paul was a perfect gentleman. Julie just hoped Anne didn’t hear about this.

Jim watched Paul as he drove the car into the fashionable part of town. If he remembered correctly Paul owned a small law firm which brought in a fair sum of money. Jim watched the muscles moving under Paul’s shirt as he drove, he was quite handsome.

Paul opened the door for him, Jim was expecting this and thanked him. Paul then pointed his elbow at him, Jim looked at it before he realised he was supposed to give Paul his arm to hold as he escorted him. The restaurant was on the river front and they enjoyed the walk to it.

As they walked Jim was aware of other men passing by giving his well endowed figure lustful glances. At first he was a bit perturbed by this, but when he saw he was getting envious glances from women he started to enjoy himself.

Despite himself, Jim was finding himself more and more wrapped up in his role. The restaurant itself was very exclusive and Paul had booked a good table. He’s pulling out the stops on this one, Jim realised. He also pulled the chair out for Jim to sit down.

As Jim was smoothing his dress, the waiter handed Paul the food and wine list. “What would you like, darling?” Paul asked.

Jim was overwhelmed with being out in public as a female for the first time, “Um…surprise me.” He finally managed. Paul was pleased and quickly made the suggestions, Jim realised Paul was a bit old fashioned and liked to make the decisions.

His order was some exotic Japanese dish which Jim didn’t recognise, but tasted nice. He noticed that Paul was refilling Jim’s wine glass after almost every sip. He’s trying to get me drunk, thought Jim with a small smile. Not much chance there, I can drink everyone under the table at my local bar.

They passed the time with small talk, both avoiding the subject of Anne. Paul told him about his fascination for sport cars and was surprised when Jim showed his extensive knowledge for the subject. The time passed quickly and Jim found himself enjoying himself.

Just before the dessert came round, Jim felt a sudden pressure in his bladder and excused himself. He felt slightly unsteady on his feet, he cursed the high heels and set off for the ladies. Paul watched Jim’s ass wiggle sexily as he made his way to the washroom, she really was a find. Demure, quiet and a beautiful young woman. She was young enough to be his daughter, but Paul really didn’t care. Perhaps he could get her back to his place with a promise of showing her his sport cars.

Jim looked around the ladies and was momentarily confused when he could not find a urinal. Finally he remembered that he could not use one anyway and went into a stall. he clumsily pulled down his pantyhose and panties, hitched up his dress and sat down. This isn’t just the shoes, he realised, I’m a little drunk. But I didn’t drink that much, he protested. But he had drunk more than enough to get this smaller body intoxicated.

As he undulated his way back to Paul he smiled. Slightly drunk or not he could still handle him. Soon they were heading back to Paul’s car. Jim still smiling slightly, the drink combined with his high heels left him more than slightly wobbly. Paul put his arm around Jim’s waist to stabilise him. Like the night before, Jim realised he found the strong arm around him protective. With out consciously thinking about it he put his own arm around Paul feeling his muscles under his shirt. “Do you work out?” he asked Paul.

“When I can, Do you like what you feel?”

Jim grinned broadly at the obvious come-on, but felt no threat from it. Paul was wondering whether to take advantage of her or not, he had not cheated on Anne before. But then such a young woman had never shown such an interest in him before. He helped Jim into the car and they drove off into the night.

*********** Paul took a different route back through the city and soon was pulling into a drive way of an expensive house. “You look tired,” He explained. “I thought I’d get you some coffee before I take you home.” He helped Jim out of the car.

“Thank you, Paul. Very nice house you have.”

“Well, it was on our way to where you’re staying, so I thought we’d stop off here for a bit.” Jim heard the obvious suggestion in his words, and some of his drink induced happiness was replaced by an edge of fear.

“Well, alright, but I can’t stay long.” Paul’s house was impressive, but not grandiose. He let Jim in and after he had shut the door, he smiled and walked slowly towards him, drinking in Jim’s luscious form. Jim was frozen like a rabbit in a car’s headlights, he knew exactly what was on Paul’s mind. The only question was how to get away from him and back to Anne’s house.

Paul reached Jim and stroked his soft cheek with his hand, “Julie, you are one of the most intelligent and beautiful woman I’ve met.” He lowered his face to Jim’s to kiss him on the lips, Jim tried to think of something to say to stop him but nothing came to his drink addled mind. The idea of physically resisting never occurred to him, he felt weak next to Paul’s hard strength.

Their lips met and Jim’s mind was assaulted by the same strange feelings he had had the night before. Paul reached around Jim and pulled his small frame tightly to his. Jim felt his breasts pressed against Paul’s broad chest, he felt his nipples start to tingle and become aroused again. His mind was saying no, but the strong wine together with his strange female body conspired to stop him putting up all but the feeblest of protests.

All he could concentrate on was that here was a man and a woman about to partake in the oldest ritual on Earth. What could be more natural than that. One of Paul’s strong hands rubbed Jim in the small of the back before drifting down to the round swell of his ass.

Jim felt the strange dampness between his legs as Paul caressed him. Paul broke off the kiss just long enough to whisper in Jim’s ear. “Lets go upstairs, Julie.”

Suddenly Paul hefted him into his arms and carried him upstairs like a groom carrying his bride over the threshold.

In the car, Jim’s purse lay on the floor where it had fallen.

Like the rest of the house, the bedroom was very stylishly furnished. Jim noticed none of this as Paul lowered him onto the bed. There was a strange air of unreality to the situation for Jim. He had been in situations like this before, but it was so different to be on the other side for once. He sat up and said, “We really shouldn’t be doing this. You’re Anne’s boyfriend after all.”

“We have a very liberal attitude, Anne and me. And what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.” He replied with a smile. Paul’s strong hand moved to Jim’s knee and started to caress it through the thin fabric of his dress. Jim found the feeling to be very sensuous and he found himself leaning over to Paul for another kiss. Paul reached round and stroked Jim’s full blonde hair.

Jim watched with a strange detachment as Paul pulled the dress from under his bottom and lifted it over his head. This isn’t happening, a part of him wailed, he gathered his will power for one last attempt to break away. But then he felt Paul’s hand at his ample bra-covered breast. Jim gave a small moan as Paul slipped his hand inside the cup to gently touch Jim’s erect nipple. Jim remembered what his male nipples felt like when his girlfriend used to tweak them, but this was a thousand times better. Paul watched Jim as he caressed his nipple, his head was tilted back letting his luscious hair drape down his back and was moaning slightly with his eyes half closed.

Jim lost himself in the feeling and had no idea of how long Paul massaged his breasts. Suddenly he felt his bra loosen, Paul had undone it and he helped to take it off. Jim’s mind was in turmoil, part of him was in shear terror of what Paul was doing, another revelled in it and a small part of him watched from a detached corner of his mind. Here he was a twenty-five year old heterosexual male, in another man’s bedroom, wearing only a pair of panties while a man massaged his tits!

Paul lowered Jim onto his back and leant over to kiss his nipple. He teased it into his mouth and sucked and nipped on it. Jim was lost, his whole being centered on his nipples as Paul expertly sucked on them. Then he felt a hand at his crotch, as Paul roughly pulled Jim’s panties down.

Paul let Jim’s nipple go and slowly drifted down Jim’s supple belly, giving small kisses as he went. Jim could not believe how erotic that felt, as a man he had centered on breasts and crotch, but now every part of him from head to toe felt extremely aroused. Even the sheets of the bed under him felt wonderful.

By now Paul had reached Jim’s crotch and he planted a kiss on his lower pair of lips. That single touch almost sent Jim to the edge, already he could feel a ferocious need to have something in his vagina. Paul obviously knew what he was doing and he expertly licked Jim’s clit. Very quickly Jim felt an explosion and had his second climax as a woman.

It raced all over his body and he squirmed under Paul in ecstasy. For what seemed like hours he lay there, feeling the remains of his orgasm slowly dying down. Enjoy the shifting weight of his breasts and the strange new equipment between his legs. It was more than that though, every inch of his body was changed, he barely knew himself now.

The bed shifted as another weight joined Jim on it. He opened his eyes and looked over at Paul, he had quickly undressed and was now as naked as Jim. For his age Paul was remarkably fit and Jim looked at his well developed muscles. The orgasm had cleared his mind a bit and Jim was desperately trying to think of a way too get out of there. Then he saw something that drove everything else out of his mind.

Paul’s erection.

It was no bigger than average, but to Jim’s horrified eyes it looked enormous. Jim realised what Paul was planning to do with it and it finally gave him the strength to run for it. He sat up and tried to roll off the bed. If he could get to the bathroom and lock himself in, he’d be safe till Paul had calmed down.

He never got the chance, Paul moved on top of him and held him down with his strong hairy arms. “No Paul! Please.”

“You want it, Julie. You’re wet and ready. Don’t worry I’ll be gentle.”

Jim felt Paul’s massive weight on him and he felt utterly power- less. He felt Paul’s rock hard cock pressing against him, Paul’s hands massaged Jim’s tits again and Jim soon found himself very turned on. His capacity for rational thought was almost gone, all there was in the universe was Jim, Paul and Paul’s cock.

He found himself reaching down and for the the first time in his life he held a cock that wasn’t his own. It felt as thick as his arm, he guided it to the lips of his vagina. Paul smiled, he knew she would not resist much. He slowly edged his hardness into Jim’s slippery cunt, Jim’s breaths came in little gasps as Paul penetrated him. Jim wrapped his legs around Paul’s waist and pulled him as deep as possible into his cunt.

Jim groaned as the exquisite sensations of penetration rocked through him. Paul pulled out slowly and then started to thrust into him. Jim ran his hands over Paul’s broad back, holding on to him as if for dear life. A tension was building deep inside Jim as Paul possessed him, Another orgasm was coming, bigger than any he had had before. It grew over him like a huge tidal wave, then suddenly, it came crashing down on him.

He screamed as his climax coursed through him, every part of his body was on fire. He dug his nails into Paul’s back and wrapped his legs around Paul pulling him deep into him. He gripped Paul’s cock with his vagina, as he did so he felt Paul give a deep moan and tense up.

Paul dug his fingers into Jim’s large tits and orgasmed deep into the stunning beauty under him. Jim felt Paul pulsing his seed deep into him, slowly Jim’s awareness returned to him and he was totally mortified by the act he had just committed.

They lay entwined for some minutes, both covered in a sheen of sweat. Paul’s cock was still inside him, slowly softening until he pulled out of him. Jim didn’t say much and desperately avoided thinking about what he had just done. Paul offered Jim the first use of the shower, which Jim was glad to accept. He scrubbed himself red trying to get rid of the feelings of Paul’s body against his.

Jim could barely look himself in the mirror, he looked dishevelled, everyone who looks at me will know what I’ve done, he thought in horror.

He dressed hurriedly and quietly asked Paul to take him home. Paul realised Jim was ashamed of what he had done, believing it was because they had cheated on Anne. No words were exchanged on the way back and Jim soon found himself outside Anne’s house.

Julie was waiting, obviously more than a little worried. “Where have you been? Do you know how late it is?” Then she noticed that all of Jim’s makeup had been washed off. “My God. You slept with him didn’t you?”

Jim couldn’t hold back the tears any longer and between sobs told Julie how he had got drunk and lost control. She comforted him rocking him back and forth like a baby. “It’s alright, Jim. It’s over now.”

He was looking green and Julie helped him to the toilet where he threw up his expensive dinner. She went back to the hall and picked up his purse. She opened it and searched through the few items inside.

A few minutes later Jim staggered out looking utterly dejected. “How could I let him do that?”

“You have a new body with different drives you can’t control yet. It was my fault, not yours, it was a very stupid thing to do. I’m sorry.” Julie was quite for a few moments, then she held up the unopened packet of condoms. “Jim, I know this is distressing for you, but did he have his own condoms? You didn’t use yours.”

“Uh…no, he didn’t use condoms either, why?”

“Well, did he pull out before he came?” She asked insistently.

Jim thought back to the encounter. “No he didn’t. Why are you asking?” Suddenly he realised why she was asking. He was a woman now, with all a woman’s reproductive equipment.

“Oh my God, what have I done.” Jim said in a horrified whisper.

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Poor Jim. What do you expect when a sissy goes to work in a genetics lab with a Dominant Doctor?

DNA – Chapter One

A small grin slipped across Dr. Chamberlain's face. “It’s a secret, if it works you’ll be the first to know.” ...

DNA – Chapter Two

Jim had never been so terrified, he had always prided himself on being able to face any situation but having to face the world in this body was too much ...

DNA – Chapter Three

DNA - Chapter Three
“I can't be pregnant, the chances of a normal woman being after just one time is small and my… my equipment is probably not functioning properly yet." ...

DNA – Chapter Four

“Well, he is a typical, macho, old-style male. He probably thinks becoming a woman, even half of one, has made him some sort of second class citizen.” ...

Additional Transformation Stories

Weekend to Remember

weekend to remember

by: holly

When I arrived home, the first thing that came to mind was how quiet it was. There were no sounds of playing kids, a rarity in our house. As I put away my briefcase and changed my cloths, my wife entered. I asked her where the kids were and she indicated that they were staying with friends so that we could have an ‘adult’ weekend. It had been a long time and I nearly came then and there. She handed me a drink and the strong liquor scent made me aware that it was going to be a very different night for me. She had indicated that this was her weekend to do to me, the next time would be mine, so she wanted to make sure that I took good notes. As the warmth of the alcohol hit me, she began removing my cloths and piling them on the chair. The curtains were drawn and the lights were low so I really couldn’t see much of what she had done with the room. I knew that she had rearranged the furniture, but I didn’t have any idea what else she was up to. She told me to ‘trust her’ and close my eyes. As I did, she went behind me and wrapped a dark blindfold over my eyes. I could not see a thing.

She lead me by taking a hold of my dick and parading me to another room which I realized later had to be the bathroom because of the tiled floor. The room was warm and I could smell lemons and strawberries. She had drawn the bath and I was to discover, she had a few surprises in mind for me in it. She told me to put my arms in front of me and stand still. As I did this, she fastened cuffs about both of my wrists. These were then attached to a wooden rod which held them three feet apart. This rod was attached to a cord from the ceiling which she used to raise my arms above my head. I started to say something and she again reminded me to trust her. She was not ready for my input. To emphasize this point she told me to open my mouth and she then inserted a gag which she bound in position with a piece of line.

She told me to relax, that she was going to make me feel very special and a changed person. First she was going to condition my skin as she massaged the cares away. As she said this I felt the first warm creams applied to my back and as she worked the slippery cream into my skin I felt a, not unpleasant, tingle. I was told that the tingle was the skin reacting to the effects of the rejuvenating cream. The room was filled with soft music as she worked in silence. Her hands slid over my shoulders and down my chest. As she worked the warmed cream into my body she massaged my tired and care worn muscles. She worked the cream into my arm pits and slid down my sides. As she continued to massage in the cream, the tingling continued to the point where I began to wonder just what was going on. She applied a lemon scented cream to my forehead, cheeks, jaw and around my mouth. At that moment, apparently sensing the need to distract me, she began to work on my legs starting at the hip and slowly and deliberately working to my calves and feet. To my greatest surprised she slowly insinuated her hand into the cleft of my ass, I could not help but begin to react. I could feel my cock begin to inflate with desire and this was not in any way lessened by her ministrations. She then moved her magic hands down my legs and finished at my feet.

As she worked down my body she finally reached my groin and I knew that she would do something. What happened then was something unexpected. From both sides, I felt a heavy cream spread over my crotch. In a matter of minutes, I could not feel anything on my groin as the heavy cream insulated any sensation from my skin. When she had finished she spread the cream on my arms and worked the scented cream into the muscles and into and over each finger.

By now the tingling on my skin was everywhere. She told me to relax and not go anywhere while she got the rest of her plans in order. I stood there for what seemed to be a long time but was in fact only about four songs worth when she returned. She then began to vigorously towel off the excess cream on my body and with it my hair as I stood without any idea what was happening. When she had finished, she helped me into the hot tub and lowered my arms so that I could soak for another few minutes. She told me that she would release my hands from the rod if I would promise not to try and touch any part of my body or remove the blindfold or gag. I was intrigued by what she had in mind and agreed. As she lowered my arms and released them, the blood flooded back in and they felt like pins and needles for the next few minutes. As it turns out, my assurance was unnecessary since I couldn’t move my arms anyway.

As I lay in the tub soaking, she kept my interest up by washing my body with a soft sponge and wash cloth. She would playfully go by my cock but only give it the briefest of attention to ensure my interest. She also took care to wash my face and then had me lay my head back for a shampoo. It was very disorienting to be in the tub, blindfolded and my head back as warm water was poured over me to wash the soap out. When she decided I was done, she again helped me from the tub and returning my arms to the spreader rod, she then dried me off.

In the past, in order to create a fantasy image in my mind, I had to detach myself from the act itself and allow my imagination to wander with the feelings that her hands were creating. To do this, I had chosen to use shaving cream to create a detached feeling on my skin. After positioning myself either on the bed or standing, I sprayed my cock liberally with the smooth cream. With one hand I manipulated my cock and balls working the cream into every imaginable crevice I had, while with the other I alternated between working my index finger into my ass and massaging my breasts. It is very hard to describe the sensation of the cream as it glided over my sensitive nipples causing them to erect and with each passing stroke my cock filled to proportions I could only imagine in my dreams. To add to the sensation I would frequently blindfold and gag myself and pretend that I was being held captive. I could add to this by adding plugs to my ears to shut out any sound. I was now getting the real thing.

She ordered me to stand still in front of her, feet apart. She then took a nylon and ran it across each breast and noted with pleasure that there was no stubble to grab at the delicate material. She likewise checked my legs and when she was satisfied that the cream had done its work, she told me that she intended to keep me shaved for a few weeks.

She then attached a spreader bar to my ankles holding them about three feet apart. I was nearly immobile now with my arms above my head. I felt her put a tight strap around the base of my cock behind my balls. She tightened it slightly and then attached another strap on the shaft in front of my balls. This was connected to the first in such a way as to separate my balls into two tight globes. Once she was satisfied, she told me that my cock was hers for the rest of the weekend, and any other time she decided. She then took a soft thick cream and began massaging my shaft. Predictably, it began to inflate and as it did, I discovered that my balls grew heavier and my cock became harder than it had ever been before. She told me that the effects of the straps was to cause the cock to inflate, but because of the constriction, it would not be able to again go limp until she released the strap. She also told me that if she chose, she could finish the straps, and, if she started with my cock limp to begin with, prevent it from becoming hard regardless of what I wanted. She told me that I may experience this in time.

At the moment though I had the other problem with my cock becoming so hard that it was starting to go numb. “Now that I have your attention, I have a few special plans in mind for you. First, they do not include you receiving any direct relief this evening, so I am putting a sheath on your cock. I think you need to fully appreciate the affect. Now I know how much you like the thought of wearing tight female clothing, and the effect it has on you, so first I am going to put 4″ heels on you.” I felt her force my feet into the shoes and instantly I was taller and as it turned out more unstable. She had left the spreader bar on at my ankles and trying to balance under the circumstances was a real challenge, especially since I could not see to get my bearings. I had never worn heels that high, and this also made my efforts that much harder. What had surprised me was that she had not put nylons or pantyhose on me.

“Comfy? You may wonder why you aren’t wearing any hose, well I know that you also like the thought of being wrapped up, so that is what comes next.” Starting at my ankles, she wrapped me tightly from ankle to hip in the clingy plastic wrap. From my own experiments, I could tell she was using a large amount on each leg, layer after layer until I could not bend my knee. This was done by using a criss cross pattern over my knees, both above and below. With my legs wrapped, the tight high heels forced my calves to expand into the tight plastic layers putting more pressure on them. To make sure that everything stayed in place, she then took a few wraps around and through the shoes to ensure that they stay on my feet. Satisfied that each leg was inflexible, she removed the spreader bar from my legs and sealed the bottom with more plastic. She then brought my legs together and started wrapping me mummy style from my toes to my hips. My legs were then wrapped with a full size roll with my legs tightly together. When she was finished, I looked like a mummy wrapped from the hips down. The tightness was absolute and I was totally immobile. At this point it was nearly impossible for me to balance on the heels and I wanted this to be over as quickly as possible.

My cock was rock hard and throbbing. She took some lotion and spread this in the cleft of my ass to make the probe move more easily and then she began to wrap my groin both above and below my cock so that I was sealed in plastic from above my waist to my toes but my cock stood clear and uncovered. She again told me that she had other plans for my ‘toy’. She pulled my arms higher up stretching me onto the toes of the heels, then began to play with my nipples causing them to get hard. Her efforts were rewarded in my Dick as it seemed to grow even harder. I then felt a pain as she attached two small nipple clips to my chest. She tightened them until I was trying to call through the gag, then loosened them slightly. She then spread an adhesive around my nipples and over my breasts, and when it had become tacky, she fitted foam rubber falsies to my chest sealing the nipple clips inside. To ensure that they had the desired effect, she poked one of the foam nipples and I felt the force on the clip below it causing my body to respond.

Then she started on my body, using the criss cross pattern again, she did my chest and back to form a base and then wrapped a series of tighter and tighter layers until it felt the way a corset must since I found it hard to breath. As she wrapped she would wait for me to breath out an then pull the next layer over my stomach until it was tight and flat. As I became more tightly confined, she turned the vibrator on that she had imbedded in my ass. She told me that it was on a little remote control and that she could turn it on or off as she liked. My Dick responded immediately with an increased pulsing bouncing up and down with each beat of my heart. To prevent defeating her efforts on my breasts, she had cleverly wrapped my chest in a criss cross which had the effect of acting like a ‘lift and separate’ bra. There were layers over the foam, but they were not tightly compressed. I later found out that she had also put some lotion on the foam so that as the falsies moved under the plastic, they would not get hung up.

She then lowered my arms and as before I found that I couldn’t move them because of the long period they had been elevated. She detached one and then wrapped it in the plastic from the arm pit to my fingers. She paid particular attention to my hands making them smooth and solid. When she was finished, I could not bend my fingers at all. When she finished with one arm, she did the other the same. She then took some lotion and put this in my arm pits and then she wrapped my arms tightly to my sides so that it was totally impossible to move them. The lotion had a squishy feeling as I flexed my upper arm. With my pits having no hair, it was a decidedly odd and erotic sensation.

Once submerged in layers of plastic or linen, it is impossible to stop the vibrator in my ass or move, and placed me at the mercy of my mistress. But she wasn’t finished yet. She still had my head to do. Before this however, seeing that I was incapable of maintaining any balance control, she tipped me over and lowered me to a soft pad, which I later realized had to be on a wheeled cart since she moved me about at will. Once laying down, the plastic grew even tighter and more immobile, she then removed the blindfold and I looked for the first time into her smoldering eyes and saw the outfit she had been wearing. It was a black satin corset with red panties and fishnet stocking attached to a black and red garter belt. Her full bosom was supported by the tight fabric of the corset which accentuated her figure dramatically.

“Now that I control nearly all of your assets, it is time to finish the job. First I am going to put these modified headphones on you so that you can only hear what I want you to hear, then it will be time to finish the job.” She pushed the earphones into my ears filling the outer ear with latex putty so that I could hear nothing at all. She then turned the small walkman on that was attached to them and I was immersed in the strains of “Bolero” as she put eye covers over my eyes and began the process of wrapping my head in the tight and clingy plastic. She was careful to keep my nose and mouth clear, but covered everything else in the smooth plastic sealing it against the wrapping on my body.

“I hope you enjoy your little present, it isn’t over yet and it is time for you to thank me.” Her voice was smooth and soft in my ear as I felt her remove the gag in my mouth and felt her weight on my chest. Had I been able to see, I would have noticed that her panties were now gone and she was straddling my body with her weight settling on my compressed stomach. I nearly fainted when she moved close enough for me to smell her heady perfume and as I felt her soft breast against my mouth I flicked the nipple with the tip of my tongue. nipple. She sighed and said that I could perform this small service, but she would want more. I sampled her breasts one at a time and drew some measure of real delight from the effect and her moans of approval. She alternated one with the other and I could feel her grind her pussy against my engorged sheathed cock. I was certain it would burst as she continued to drive me to higher levels of excitement which I repaid by sucking and nibbling on her lovely soft and warm breasts. I could feel one of her hands near my cock and I realized that she was also manipulating herself as well as rubbing along my entombed member. As she moved closer to her climax, she suddenly raised her hips and came down fully on my cock seating it into her heated pussy to the hilt. She ground for several minutes as I sucked and played with her breasts until she climaxed squeezing my cock with her hot cunt. We stayed engaged for several minutes, but try as I might, I could not get enough stimulation to cum. My balls ached with the desire to cum, but the combination of the cock and ball lock and straps made this an impossible task.

“That was nice, now I want you to do the same for my pussy.” As she said this she shifted her body so that she was straddling my head with her pussy not inches away from my mouth. “Now I want to you make me cum, to eat and give me pleasure.” As she said this she moved her pussy to my mouth and turned the vibrator on high in my ass, and I felt the soft caress of her pubic hair on my nose and then the force of her hand on the back of my head as she guided my face between her legs.

My tongue and lips did battle with her rising sexual tension and I was soon rewarded by a head crushing climax as she ground my head against her crotch and crushed me in her quivering legs. I was as excited as she was and she continued to accept my ministrations until she had reached yet another shattering orgasm. The plastic covering my face was covered with the strong heady aroma of her vaginal fluids and the scent filled my nose to the exclusion of all else. My ears were ringing with her excitement. She said that I had done well and after I had licked her clean, she said that there was still more to come. As she said this, she told me to open my mouth. Doing as she directed, I felt the intrusion of the plug shape into my open mouth again.

With expert ease, she quickly raised me to a state of ecstasy that bordered on sublime. True to her promise, she held me in this state longer than I would have thought possible given my state of arousal. I struggled against the tight confines of the plastic wrapping, the heat inside causing rivulets of perspiration to form and flow down my body. My poor cock was so enraged yet unable to cum. She continued to tease me until I thought I would faint. Finally she turned the vibrator off in my ass and left me to the sound of the music in my ear. My nose was filled with her scent and my face felt sticky from her juices.

That night, she had a wonderful dinner and then went to sleep after again coming to me and teasing my cock until it throbbed with desire. Exhausted, I think I slept, but am not sure. Through the night, I could hear a tape which continued to repeat directions for me to obey. My dreams were filled with all manner of sexual images. As I watched, the scene changed from simple sex to more and more bizarre sex, then back.

I became aware of a new sensation, as I felt a warmth cover my groin. There was a little tingle and a voice like a doctor told me that they were prepping the area to ensure there was no chance of infection. It would take a few minutes and that I was to relax and enjoy the show. Time lost its meaning as the scenes playing in front of my minds eyes became even more strange and exotic. I was now seeing women being bound and “tortured” for the pleasure of the female dominatrix that was the star of the show. Then the scene gave way to the same woman doing the same things to men. In the distance I could feel my cock was throbbing and demanding relief.

I felt her put a tightness over my cock and remembered that there was a latex sheath over it. Then as the picture again turned bizarre, I felt a coldness as the perspiration from my body slid down the crack of my ass and the plug began to vibrate again. As I struggled, it only drove deeper into me. My mind saw my body being held on an exam table with the stirrups holding my feet securely and my wrists held against the grip by cuffs, I was totally vulnerable to her attack. First one finger then another. It did not take her long to have my ass well lubricated and her fingers sliding in and out. She then plunged them deeper into my bowel and I felt a nearly electrical excitement as she pressed my prostate. Even as she was doing this, I could see another female, her assistant, had placed nipple stimulators on my breasts and they were adding to the effect. As she drove me higher and higher, I could not stand the sexual tension that she was causing.

Before my eyes, were the most bizarre sex acts imaginable, women ass fucking men with large dildos, men dressed in tight leather corsets, wearing wigs and make-up, while still others were tightly bound and at the mercy of other women. The scenes began to run together as my breathing became more ragged and tortured. Through it all, she was stimulating me through my ass as she mercilessly massaged my prostate to full excitement. When I could take no more, unconsciousness took me and I slept the sleep of the dead till the morning.

I became aware that something was happening when I heard her voice telling me it was time to wake. In the distance, I could feel her begin to cut away the tight plastic and free my legs. As the sheeting disappeared from my body the cool air caused the sweat to dry cooling my skin. When she reached my groin, she carefully removed the plastic from about my cock being careful not to touch it. I still could not move my legs and, if I could have, I would have discovered that she had put hobbles at my ankles and knees. She continued to remove the plastic and when she had my body free, started on my head. Another few moments and I was freed of the plastic cocoon, but still blind, deaf and gagged. I then felt her release the straps around my cock and my body was torn with whether or not to cum spontaneously, or relax. She had planned this well and my need to relieve myself was greater than the need to cum. My cock deflated to a measure of its former glory. Her voice told me it was time for me to go to the bathroom and I was lead to the seat. My ass was still plugged with the vibrator and she told me that she had other plans for that end, I was to sit and urinate only. As the hot pee flooded out of my body, I could hear her busy about the place. My arms were still useless due to the long period of inactivity.

When I finished, she told me to wipe myself and stand up. When I did so, I was taken to a table, probably the same one that I had felt before and my arms were attached to one end bending me at the waist. “For today’s activities we will have to clean you out before we can go any further.” She removed the vibrator plug from my rear and reappeared in front of me. She wanted me to see what was going on so she removed the blindfold and earphones. My attention was drawn to the counter where I saw a kitchen blender and some other items. Taking the lid off the blender, she first put a quarter cup of dish detergent into the blender turning it a cloudy white. This was followed by two glycerin suppositories, and then filled nearly to the top with hot water. She then turned it on creating a thick foam and filling the room with the lemon scent of the detergent. She then took a large clear bucket with a hose leading from the bottom and emptied the hot contents into the container. When she approached me, I began to squirm and buck, grunting through the gag filling my mouth. “You don’t like your enema?” I shook my head as best I could. “Too hot for you?” I shook my head again. “No problem, let me fix that for you” She then poured another pitcher of cold water into the bucket. On the outside thermometer I could see that it was still 110 degrees. I still tried to stop her, but this time she looked at me and said “I really don’t think you can take that much enema inside you. But I will add just a little more to satisfy your needs.” She then took a Fleet Enema bottle and emptied its contents into the bucket. I realized that she was going to empty the full contents of the bucket into my bowels and as I felt the first pressure of the nozzle against my ass I tried to fight her. The nozzle was designed to penetrate and as it did I could sense that something was very different with this nozzle, it had an inflatable cuff to seal my ass. I felt the interior bulb fill with air and seal my anus. Then I felt another bulb just outside by butt also fill. I was sealed on both sides. She positioned the bucked in front of me so that I could see it empty into my body and gauge the filling effect. She then elevated it two feet above my head and turned the valve. Because of the higher temperature, I could feel it enter my body almost immediately. Just as fast, I felt a slight burning as the soap suds began to scrub the interior of my bowel of the refuse that had collected there. When the flow seemed to slow, she then began to elevate the bucket even further until it was over three feet above my ass.

When the bucket was finally empty, she disconnected the center tube from the bucket and closed the stopper plugging my butt while she starting a clock. My bowels were heaving and I had to shit out the corruption she had created. Nothing I did could make it less painful or more comfortable. When the bell went off finally, she decided I was ready and opened the stopper on the large center tube. This she had run to the toilet which was behind me. For the next 15 minutes the shit laden enema flowed through the tube to the toilet. The relief from the pressure was almost orgasmic by this time as sweat had begun flowing from my face and body. Once emptied of the enema, she again attached the hose to the bucket and filled it with clear water which she again drained into my body. When the bucket was empty, she would attach the drain tube and empty my bowels to the toilet. She told me that this ‘power flush’ was intended to get all the soap and other enema effects out of my tormented bowel as well as clean out any residue. After doing this several times, I did notice that there was no further pain or discomfort.

She then told me that I was to receive special treatment, including my ultimate fantasy, she was going to turn me into a woman. “Men many years ago thought it appropriate to constrict a woman’s body into an impossible size. Now you will see just how beautiful this makes your body. And by the way, it has a second function. You see this panel? (she indicated a part of the garment) Well it is to control your front and give you a proper flat tummy.”

“Up to now you have experienced the effects of the male cock and ball lock type of chastity device. This has the effect of allowing your erection but preventing your relief. It also exposes your balls to potential danger and prevents a flat or feminine front. This would be used to humiliate and embarrass you while in female clothing, or as an effective way to display your servitude otherwise. Now I am going to show you a different type of chastity device. This one will hide your male appearance and prevent an erection by constraining the tip of your cock from becoming any larger than its relaxed size. ” She showed me a band that was about an inch wide and an inch in diameter with several pairs of holes for fasteners. She also showed he the fasteners which were very small dumbbell shaped affairs with one ball welded and the other removable.

“The only way this can be put on is when you are totally relaxed, should you attempt to erect during the process, you may find it very painful. After this little gem is in place, it will be exceptionally painful and thus you will be discouraged. You will notice that this fitting has a ring on it that will allow me to tie it back into the proper position once in place.” She showed me the device and I could see the small 1/4 inch ring she referred to. “After I have put this on you, I will hide your ‘equipment’ behind a mask designed to look like a female vagina. Of course the real problem will be that the urethra will be a little farther back than a proper woman’s, but there will be all the appearances. This like the small falsies on your breasts will be glued on with the proper type of adhesive and will remain until I remove it. So that you aren’t hurt, your balls will be eased back into your body cavity and then all will be tightened in place.”

I watched in rapt interest and terror as she first lubricated the ring and then very briefly my flaccid penis. When she was satisfied, she quickly forced the ring down the shaft before it had a chance to react and seated it below the head with the ring on the underside. She then fitted first one, then the other fastener and tightened them with a set of small pliers. I was aware immediately of the presence of the ring and felt the first effects of trying to erect with it in place. She then took the ‘pussy mask’ and, after painting the inside with adhesive, drew my cock using a line attached to the ring, into the mask and forced my balls into my crotch. As she did this she used pressure to settle the mask against my crotch and when she was finished, it concealed completely any suggestion of maleness that I might have had. The line that she had used to pull my cock into the mask was then pulled between my legs and, after she had again put the remote control vibrator back in my ass, pulled over the end and through the hole to hold it in position.

She lead me over to the spreader rod and told me to grab the bar. As I did this she again fastened the cuffs about my wrists preventing my escape. She told me to breath normally until she was ready to tighten the lacing. In the meantime she busied herself with the process of doing up the laces and snugging them down. In a very short time I felt my body being crushed by this monument to female beauty. Finally she stopped and I began to adjust to the constriction, until she informed me that she had just taken the slack out of the laces and now she was going to tighten them properly. I felt her knee in my back and then it was like a thousand steel bands crushing my stomach and lower ribcage. I began to see stars and my breathing was erratic. Finally, mercifully, she stopped. I was afraid to lower my arms for fear that it would make it worse. My first tentative steps told me that the corset fully restricted me and supported my body. She knotted the laces behind my back and then encircled my very narrow waist with a gold chain which she locked in place. I could no longer bend at the waist, but my problems were just beginning. My girlfriend had not attached the center panel yet.

“Say good-bye to your male appendage, you wont see it again unless I release you.”

I looked down to see her take the center triangular panel and draw the point between my legs. A strap attached to the center was then cinched into a buckle in the center of my back, and had I been able to see, I would have noticed that when fastened, it prevented access to the knot that held the lacing.

Next came the shear hose that were attached the garters about the base of the corset. In all there were six per leg and they had the effect of framing the base of the corset since they were in a contrasting color. She then pulled panties up my legs and seated these on my now well defined hips hiding the panel which confined my ‘pussy’.

Next came the infernal 4″ heels that she had put me in the night before. These she locked onto my feet so that I could not remove them. Given the amount of flexibility I had after the corset and the hobble skirt to come, made this totally unnecessary. Before she pulled the hobble skirt up my legs, she asked me if I wanted to use the bathroom. All the pressure on my bladder and the amount of time and water she had been giving me conspired to create a need, especially after she made the suggestion. I nodded my head and she released my arms from the bar and allowed me to walk to the bathroom. The heels made the trip more of an adventure than a simple walk to the toilet.

When I arrived, she was already waiting for me. She directed me to lower my panties, and to turn around. The panel that confined my cock had a zipper down the center that would allow it to be opened. She unlocked this from behind and told me to unzip it forward. I could feel a slight coolness on the tip of my cock and reasoned that this must be sticking out of the ‘pussy mask’. She then told me to sit on the toilet with my legs apart to ensure that the edges of the corset did not get wet. As I sat down, my bladder emptied to my very great relief. When I was finished, she told me to pat myself dry and make sure that I had wiped any excess urine from my ‘pussy’ and the corset. I was then told to close the zipper and she again locked it.

We returned to the outer room and she gave me a good look at the hobble skirt telling me that I had better spend a little time now walking before she put it on since after it would be even more difficult. She then pulled the hobble skirt up over my now flaring hips and settled the waist into my unnaturally tight curve. The skirt was made of a heavy fabric that made it clear to me that it would not give or tear. After tightening the waist strap, she then systematically buttoned the skirt down the back. When she was finished, my body was tightly encased in the corset and skirt from just below my breasts to just below my knees. Her final act was to attach two small straps to my arms at my elbows and then fix the free end to loops at the waist of the skirt. This made moving my arms far very difficult and the very act of trying to scratch my nose impossible.

To add to my restraints, she then put a posture collar around my neck which forced my head up and prevented me from seeing right in front. This also laced up the back like the corset and when done up, made it impossible to move my head a great deal. She connected it to the top of the corset through a series of straps and buckles which had the effect of framing my ersatz breasts.

Thus attired, she told me it was time for me to make breakfast for her. Since I would not be eating, she inserted small foam plugs in my nose so that I would not be tempted. They prevented my smelling anything, the plug gag in my mouth effectively made tasting anything equally impossible. I was directed to the kitchen and told to make her pancakes and eggs with coffee. I found that doing so, encumbered as I was was very difficult and time consuming, but I finally succeeded and she ate her meal. As she did so, she told me to clean the kitchen up and if I did a good job she would let me have some coffee. I worked diligently stumbling along with the 4″ heels and finished in time to get her dishes cleared and cleaned. After a quick sip of coffee through a straw, it was time for my next ordeal.

I was lead into the room we had been ‘playing’ in and directed to a lawn chair and told to sit back. It would have been nearly impossible for me to sit properly with the combination of the corset and the hobble skirt. Once seated, she bound my arms to the arms of the chair in such a way as to force my hands onto a small extension she had made. She brought over a small rolling table filled with all manner of things including polish and other manicure needs and proceeded to install 3/4 inch nails on my hands. These were painted a vivid red and allowed to dry as she put on the finish coat. When she was done, I was told to get up and clean the room up, everything was to be put back in its proper place and I was expected to vacuum the house. Moving in the skirt and heels was difficult enough, trying to pick up anything with the claws she had glued to my hands made the task take forever. Finally though, I was done. While my mouth was gagged and I was for the most part silent, that did not prevent her from giving me a great deal of water to drink through a straw. The effect of all the water finally surfaced with a need to find the bathroom.

I went to her and gestured that I needed to go and she seemed to understand directing me to the bathroom. When we arrived, she loosened the back of the skirt and told me to pull this down to my knees. Once I had done so, my legs seemed even more confined with all the material. She unlocked the tiny lock of the chastity panel and told me to go ahead. When I was done, she again locked it closed and buttoned up the back of the skirt.

It was now time for lunch and as before, she expected me to make it for her. Also as before, she inserted the plugs in my nose to prevent my smelling any of it. I will admit she ate well and it didn’t take nearly as long to get the dishes put away. I was adjusting to the heels and hobbles, but the fingernails were still taking some getting used to. She deemed it appropriate for me to have something to eat, and so gave me half of one of those diet drinks for lunch. Due to the straw and the plugs, I couldn’t taste a thing though. She said to not be too worried, after all I wouldn’t want to ruin my ‘girlish figure’ by eating too much.

She decided that she wanted to have a little sex, that was she had sex and I had little. She lead me to the bed and began to massage my breasts and directed hers to my mouth for care and loving. For the next few minutes I carefully nibbled and sucked on her luscious globes as she grew hotter and hotter. With my arms pined below my body, I was in no position to argue or help her as she straddled my face again and pushed her pussy into my mouth. I knew what was expected and gave her the tongue-lashing of her life driving her to ecstasy as quickly as I could.

For my reward, she again returned me to the lawn chair and began applying make up to my face. I had not seen myself yet, she had forbidden me to look at any mirrors and I knew that if I did, she would likely blindfold me again and make this all much harder. She applied creams and powders to my cheeks and worked steadily for the next 20 minutes. She then set about doing my eyes in an appropriately exotic manner that would make me look very erotic, a cross between ‘startled deer’ and exotic dancer. Finally she finished by applying lipstick to my mouth. It felt like she had put quite a bit more on than was required and I found out why when she gave me another half of the diet drink through the straw. I left red lip prints on the end of the straw finding this a very erotic impression. When I had finished my ‘lunch’, it was time to go back to work. Before I did however, she again retightened the lacing on the corset until I was again crushed by the confines of the garment.

She decided that it was time for the laundry, and so for the next hour I carried the heavy baskets of cloths to the laundry and was expected to remain there in the warm room until they were done and folded. At that time, I then carried them back and put them away. I really don’t know how long it took, but I am sure that it was more than an hour since there were three full loads to attend to. Finally done, she had me again report to the lawn chair and as I sat there, she attached a wig to my head completing the image she had been creating all day long. When she was done teasing my new hair into position, she took several pictures and had me pose for her in various forms, some erotic, some not. She still refused to let me see myself in the mirror, telling me that she wasn’t ready yet.

As with breakfast and lunch, she had me prepare and serve dinner. Once I had it on the table, she blindfolded me and bound me again to the bar in ‘playroom’. So that I would have no idea of how long I was there, she fitted stereo earphones to me and then played nonsense noise and music until she returned. Because of the headphones, I could not hear her approach and was startled when I felt her hands on my breasts. She fondled these for several minutes until I was reacting to her efforts and then she took out a cat and lashed my body focussing on my ass, back, legs and even breasts. Because of the corset and hobble skirt, the pain was very diminished compared to the surprise. Unknown to me at the time, she had a camera taking stills automatically and the video camera was also going. She was doing a scene from her version of the domination flicks.

When she stopped, I felt her attach something to my ankles and suddenly I was in suspension between my arms and legs. She adjusted my body so that I was nearly horizontal. She removed the plug gag from my mouth and suddenly I was taking in the heady aroma of her sweet pussy. She forced a latex hood onto my head drawing the pony tail from the wig through the top and binding it in the back. She smeared my face all over her crotch to the point that I knew that my face was liberally covered in her juices. I then was lowered onto a bench and my arms were bound to the front legs to the elbow and then my forearm was bent parallel to the ground. The bench had a slight slope to it which elevated my ass in the air. My legs were similarly bound to the legs of the bench, bent at the knee leaving my feet hanging over the end of the shelf. As I squirmed to get comfortable, a wide belt was strapped over my back and I was tightly bound to the thin padding of the bench. The hobble skirt had been removed and I felt cool air on my ass indicating that she had also opened the chastity panel over my crotch and ass.

Blind, gagged and deaf, I awaited my next torture. I didn’t wait long though, as I felt a hard object at my ass. I could tell that it had been lubricated since it was very slippery and I could not keep it out of my ass. She was wearing a strap on dildo and was getting ready to fuck me up the ass. I later found out that the camera was still rolling and snapping. The image we made would have made the best porno producer proud. To increase my response, she inserted a small vibrator into my fake pussy which reseated against my ensnared cock further exciting me and denying my release. After she had climaxed, she left me bound to the bench for the next several hours. The combination of fatigue, frustration and immobility finally combined and I found myself sleeping with bizarre dreams and a sudden start when the heady aroma of her pussy found its way to my nose. She was now laying between my bound arms with her legs on either side of my head and pushing my face into her cunt. As I advanced my tongue, I tasted something sweet and realized it was like cherries and cream. She had filled her box with whipped cream with cherries on top and this was to be my desert for a job well done. I eat fully and then she released me.

In what was becoming a common part of the training she had in mind, I was again subjected to the tightening of the corset and then prepared for the night. The latex hood remained in place, and my legs were bound with wide straps, my arms to my thighs. In my ears I could hear the sound of the sleep training tape again playing as I fell asleep a bound female sex slave.

The next morning I awoke to her gentle caress of my body. Before I was aware of her efforts, I had been untied and she was releasing me from the confines of the corset. Moments later, the hood also was removed, but before I could say anything, she indicated that I should be silent. Not wishing to start all over again, I kept my mouth shut and watched as she finished unlocking my high heels and removing the last of the bindings of the night. Now naked except for the pussy mask, I was helped to the bathroom where I found a filled bubble bath waiting for me. She told me to enjoy my bath and be sure to shave my underarms and legs for today. I was also free to use the toilet. When I was done, I should dry off and put on the robe behind the door and go back to the bedroom.

The bath was wonderful as the warmth and luxury took the trials of the previous days away. I lounged for a fairly long time before I remembered her direction to shave my legs and under arms. The creams that she had used had been very thorough, however and there was really nothing to remove at this time. I suspected that there was more to this than at first appeared and so I spread the thick foam on my legs and elevating them above the bubbles, shaved the residue away. Likewise I shaved my arms and finally rinsed the remaining foam away. I climbed from the tub reeking of the floral fragrance of the bubble bath and toweled off. It felt strange to be drying my ‘female’ body, breasts and pussy. The robe she had left for me was a filmy peignoir with frills at the sleeves and hem and I headed for the bedroom.

On the bed were arrayed a large number of items, absent however was the murderous corset that had imprisoned my body for the last several days. She beckoned me over and told me to turn around handing me a pair of baby blue panties. I pulled these up my nude legs and then she handed me a waist cincher to put on. I looked at this garment with little idea, but finally wrapped it about my waist and buckled the clasps in the front. She then did up the lacing in the back and compressed my waist to form a female curve flaring my hips and forcing my breasts up. She handed me a bra and helped me put this on closing the hook-and-eye clasps in the rear. Next came a dark blue garter belt with eight garters followed by silky nylons. As with the bra she assisted me in making sure they were attached properly. She lead me to the vanity but sat me with my back to the mirror so that she could do my make up. This was not as elaborate as before, but equally as complete including foundations, powders and eye make-up, finishing with earings. She finished her work with a wig which came below my sholders. On the bed was a blue dress which she told me to put on. I pulled it over my head and settled it on my hips while she zipped up the rear. At the foot of the bed were a pair of dark blue high heels which I knew I was expected to wear and so, slipped these onto my feet. I was becoming quite practiced in wearing them and found the 3 1/2″ heels no problem.

Going out to the kitchen, I expected that I would be responsible for her breakfast again, but was surprised to see that the table was now set for two. She indicated that I should make eggs while she toasted muffins and poured us both coffee. It was strange after all this time to be treated as nearly equal vice her servant or slave. Breakfast was wonderful and pleasant. The waist cincher reminded me to eat sparingly, especially since this was the first solid food I had had in nearly three days. After breakfast we both cleaned the kitchen and she indicated that it was time for us to go out shopping. I indicated that I was uncomfortable with this, fearing that I would be discovered. She lead me over to a mirror and for the first time this weekend, I saw myself. I was not beautiful, but I was also not male. There was little doubt that I could easily pass for a woman. To be sure, she had me walk for her, sit and move to ensure that I understood all the female nuances and when satisfied, handed me a purse and we headed for the door.

Since I didn’t have a license, she drove to the mall. The day was passed in pleasant conversation and shopping with her filling out some ‘essentials’ for my wardrobe. After dinner that night, we went to bed and had a night of gentle loving both wearing matching nighties. We fell asleep in each others arms, she fully sated, me still in need of relief.

When the alarm went off Monday morning, I noticed that it was earlier than usual. She was already awake and as I reached a level of awareness, I could see that she had a small tray with a number of tubes and jars on it next to the bed. “Well your weekend is over now.” She said. “Time to return to your regular self.” As I looked at her, she began spreading one of the tubes on my chest at the edge of the falsies telling me that it was the solvent to unglue the forms. As she worked, my breasts became hard and seemed to react to her efforts. I was amazed at how heavy the foam rubber breasts were when she finally got them off. These she wiped down with a ‘cleaning agent’ and placed in a special box to the side. She then set about removing the ‘pussy mask’ from my crotch. To do this she had me sit on the edge of the bed as she pealed up the mask. Finally she removed the frenum ring that had effectively prevented any erection to date and I was free.

To make sure everything worked as it should, she began to massage my abused cock with some of the other creams and it responded to her efforts fairly quickly. She continued to raise my level of excitement until I was fully engorged. She had me lie back and as I did, she mounted my cock and road me to a shattering climax that nearly rendered me unconscious. When I could finally look, semen was still flowing from my cock. She playfully slapped me on the thigh and told me to take a shower and get ready for work. As I went to shave, I realized that my beard had not come back yet, the treatment she had done to me was more effective than I thought. My legs and arms likewise had not begun to show stubble; even my chest was still clear. Well I hoped when it did come back it would be soft. Nothing worse than hair returning to irritate you.

I went back to the bedroom and began getting dressed. She was in the other room and so I was nearly done when she returned carrying a small strap about 3/4 inch wide in her hands. She told me to pull my underwear down and put my hands behind my back. Thinking this was more of the same from this morning, I did as she asked and she then proceeded to place the strap around the base of my cock behind my balls. It was just tight enough to be noticeable, and I would later discover, tight enough to make an erection very uncomfortable. She told me that this ‘toy’, indicating my Dick, was hers. To signify this, she had wrapped it up with the strap. I could use it for toilet needs, but I could not use it for anything else. When I returned home, she would check and make sure that the strap was as she had left it. I was then told I could finish dressing. I could feel my cock and balls as the strap tended to push then out from my body.

That whole day I was aware of the presence of the strap and my relationship with her. She had control, even though I knew that I could take the strap off and put it back on just before I got home, I didn’t. It was a good thing too, when I got home, she checked to make sure the strap was still there, and when she loosened it slightly, my cock immediately began to erect to mammoth proportions. Like the morning the period of continuous stimulation had the effect of making the resulting sex even better. For the next week, each morning she would put the strap on and tell me only she could remove it.

On Wednesday, she noticed during our lovemaking that my legs were finally starting to show some stubble. I had noticed also that my beard was again making its appearance as was the hair on my arms. As I had imagined, it was a constant irritant as it rubbed against my cloths. Her solution was simple. As I was getting ready for my morning shower, she came into the bathroom and summarily told me she wanted me to keep my legs shaved for the next month. I started to say something and she repeated herself adding that she also wanted me to shave my ‘pits’. “Since you like the feel of shaving cream on your body, I will expect you to keep these areas shaved for the next month.” The last thing I would have expected to hear from her was that. “If you do not, then I will give you more places to shave until you can do it properly. Since I know you will do your best I don’t have to tell you what will happen if we should run out of new places to shave, or do I? Then we will add months to the punishment for your failing to follow my orders. Is that clear?” All I could say was yes and nod my head. “Who knows, I might even shave my pussy to see what it is like.”

Secretly, I remembered that there would be a weekend in the future that was mine to orchestrate and it would have to rival what I had for the last one. But that would have to wait for at least a month.

The End

Day 100

by: Ms. Finch

Arriving home from work on Friday the 13th, my twenty-first day of servitude, I set about my “pre-dinner” preparations as Mistress had prescribed, comfortably excited over the prospect of another evening of “sissy-slave training” at the hands of my Internet Mistress.

I’d met Mistress online over three months previously, and we’d had the most erotically charged online relationship I’d ever thought possible. At her behest (and my own longing, I confess), I’d worked hard to develop the rituals – and to build the training devices – that had thoroughly dominated my last 99 evenings of “training.” Particularly joyful to me was my knowledge that Mistress was not a professional dominatrix, but rather, was a woman who genuinely enjoyed the feminization and domination of men that she found stimulating – men like me.

Stripping off my office attire, I peed and hastily douched my “ass-pussy,” as Mistress had me referring to my asshole, then stepped quickly into the shower, where I’d ritualistically shaved off every hair below my moderately-plucked eyebrows for the last 99 evenings. Once again, I smoothed the shaving gel over my body, shaving off every trace of the hateful hair of masculinity that Mistress had convinced me to remove.

Emerging from the shower, I toweled off briskly – Mistress didn’t believe in pampering slaves with long scented baths and body oils – and dressed in my “dinner uniform.” My dinner uniform consisted of a tight black corset with push-up breast cups, fishnet stockings that attached directly to the corset with four garters, a pair of killer 6″ black pumps with ankle straps, my blond ringlet wig, long red press-on nails, and a full course of long-wear makeup.

Mistress had required me to study half a dozen makeup books and get myself color-printed even before my first day of “official training.” I had never kept the makeup on for more than 4 hours, so I wasn’t sure why Mistress insisted on the long-wear stuff, but as the saying goes, “mine is not to reason why…” My last act was to generously lubricate my ass-pussy and coat my lips with ointment: both ends would need the protection.

Fully dressed for dinner, I walked over to “the training machine,” as I called it, a machine that I’d built to Mistress’ exacting specifications. First, I took the package that Mistress had sent to me, and, removing six numbered opaque plastic bottles, upended the first four into matching receptacles at the front of the machine and the last two bottles into receptacles at the back of the machine.

Then, climbing onto the long axis of the machine’s rectangular platform, I dropped to my hands and knees, draping my corseted waist across the small leather saddle that fit perfectly into the curved front of my corset. As my hands passed through two four-inch circles in the false floor of the platform, coming to rest on the penis-shaped grips below, I felt restraining belts inflate around my wrists, and automatically flip across my calves and back, pinning me firmly into place. I heard the screen and speakers activate as my triggering of the machine alerted Mistress of my “on duty” status, and the two, life-size dildos mounted at the front and rear of the machine moved forward on their own magnetically controlled tracks, stopping when they were poised a few millimeters from my lips and ass-pussy. In that position, I awaited my Mistress’ presence, my eyes fixed on the screen, eight inches in front of me. The two screens on either side of my head showed a relaxing screen-saver pattern as I waited. I didn’t wait long.

“Well slave, I see you’re ready for din-din! I bet you’re wondering what I’ve sent you tonight, hmmm? Before I tell you though, let’s set tonight’s “feeding depth,” shall we?” Mistress could “see” me because there were videocams set up in front of me, behind me, and on both sides, that she could redirect or control, as she could nearly all of the mechanisms in the training machine.

I heard Mistress click a switch on her computer, and instantly, the dildo poised at my lips slid forward about six inches, the restraining bar dropping behind my head, forbidding any backward motion. Mistress pushed another few buttons, and I felt the rough entrance of the ass-fucker as well. I estimated she’d given me only about 4 inches of the “12 inch monster” as I called it, but that was quite enough for me, thank you.

“Now, before I start dinner, let’s make sure you know the emergency procedure to release yourself. Go ahead and test it.”

I quickly gave the dildo in my left hand two twists backward, then gave the one in my right hand two twists forward, feeling the pneumatic bands relax instantly. Without waiting to be told, I restored the handgrips to the regular position restoring the bands to their previous level of snugness.

“Well, my little sissy, I hope you’re comfortable, because you’re in for some interesting training tonight. It is Friday the 13th, after all.”

Mistress’ keys danced over the keyboard, and I felt a searing pain in my backside as she sent the ass-fucker slamming to its full length, for the very first time. I’d have screamed, except that the sent the face-fucker into the base of my throat at the same time, the false patch of pubic hair at the root of the life-size dildo pressed into my nose.

I was terrified, as my breathing was blocked, and the pain in my ass was like nothing I’d ever known. I’d already started the emergency release sequence before I was even aware of it, but her disapproving tone stopped me as the ass-fucker pulled back half way and the face-fucker pulled back enough to let me breath.

“Now sissy, I was just teasing you! Here, let’s start your dinner flowing, it’ll calm you down.”

She reactivated the face-fucker, and it started doing its thing, sliding back and forth, into my throat, and back leaving two inches in my mouth even at the shallow end of the stroke. I knew what to expect, and after a few minutes, I felt “dinner” pulsing out of the end of the face-fucker, at variable depths. Mistress said it was important to know how to “live off of cock pudding” for a slave like me.

“Tonight’s dinner is very special. The first course, that is now sliding down your throat is the usual blend of weight-loss powder and skim milk, with enough xantham gum to give it that nice cummy texture. By the way, this might be a good time to tell you that I’ve been spiking your first course with rohypnol since the first night, though I held it back until tonight’s second course, so we could have this chat while you are fully aware of what’s going on. You’ve been up to a hypnotic dose for two months now, which might explain why you haven’t noticed a few other things I’ve done to you.”

I realized that she’d activated the monster in my ass-pussy again, and it was sliding in and out of me, hitting bottom each time. I felt a strange pulsing from back there, too. She must have seen my eyebrows rise in surprise.

“Yes sissy, the twelve-inch monster has been doing you at full depth for two months now, and you’ve never noticed, other than to cum harder every night. It only hurt you tonight because I usually work it in over a few minutes, after the rohypnol relaxes you. The bottle behind you, that the ass-fucker pumps from is not simply lubricant, by the way, it’s a blend of the most powerful female hormones available, as it has been since the first day you began machine training. If I hadn’t been programming you through the rohypnol, you’d undoubtedly have noticed the breasts you’ve grown. Others have noticed, I assure you.”

I’d been starting on the emergency escape sequence from the first mention of the word rohypnol – I knew what that drug could do, why it was called the “date-rape drug” with good reason. But no matter how I twisted the cocks in my hands, nothing happened! I heard her giggling come through the speakers as she confirmed that she’d had me put an over-ride on the escape mechanism after my very first dose of the rohypnol.

“Now sissy, while you suck down your first bottle of dinner, I’ll let you watch this nice video montage, made by my other slaves, a cocksuckers-eye view of the world, so to speak.” I’ll come back to you when you’ve downed your first bottle.

I saw the screens clear around me, and I realized I was seeing footage of a man’s pubic mound moving toward me and away from me in time with the face-fucker, as if I were sucking the man’s cock. It was very realistic, and very hypnotic. The side monitors were synchronized along with it, presenting a 3-d realism that was astounding. It took half an hour for the first bottle to empty itself down my throat, by which time I’d seen a dozen different cocks sliding into and out of my own mouth. I’d swear that I could even smell the musk in the men’s pubic hair!

Mistress’ voice returned. “Well, sissy, I hope you enjoyed your first course! Tonight’s second course is very special indeed! A good friend of mine works at the local sperm bank, and it just so happens that they go through their samples every day, and dispose of the ones over a month old. There’s nothing wrong with them, really, they’re just not as reliable for impregnating women. I had her save up the last few month’s worth, just for you, sissy. That’s what is in the second bottle. And the third. And the fourth. And the one about to unload itself into your ass.” She laughed as she saw me struggling, and as tears of frustration started to flow down my cheeks, having no effect on my waterproof makeup.”

“Have you had time to remember the fun you had after you slipped rohypnol to my sister last year? You really shouldn’t have messed with my sister as you did, but you should NEVER have left her alone afterward in your unlocked dorm room. Do you know how many men fucked her that night, in her mouth, her pussy, her ass? Dozens. Maybe hundreds. And they took pictures, and movies. The humiliation was so great, she tried to kill herself. She’s locked up now, getting therapy. She may recover in a few years, or so the Doctors say. You won’t be so lucky.”

Her fingers started a new video montage series, and I realized I was watching myself, being fucked from front and back, but she’d put video footage in place to make it look like I was really sucking cock, and being fucked from behind. I didn’t quite understand it, but I realized that my video image had breasts! Very large breasts!

“That’s right, sissy, you’ve got breasts. 40DD, to be precise. You’re wondering how you could miss them all this time, aren’t you? Well sissy, you haven’t really been going to your old office job. You quit that two months ago. You’ve been working for a friend of mine doing office work – dressed as a woman – ever since. You’re quite good at typing, filing, and making coffee, but you’re even better at sitting prettily at a desk, filing your nails, touching up your makeup, and reading women’s magazines.”

Her words were matched by more video footage of me working, as a sexy secretary. I could see my breasts growing as the video approached the present, but there was a huge jump in the middle, when I’d obviously been given breast implants. And, I noticed other changes as well. After what looked like two weeks on the job, my lips seemed strangely plump beneath my lipstick. I realized that they’d been injected with collagen for that bee-sting look. My eyebrows had almost disappeared, leaving only a fine, dark arch high above my carefully made-up eyes. My ears were pierced, with several heavy, bangle earrings dangling from both earlobes, and my blond hair…wait a minute! I’m not blond…and that’s not a wig!

“Ah, you finally noticed the hair, I wondered how long that would take. That’s right sissy, you’re a blond, a nice, sexy blond, and that’s your very own hair, bleached, permed, and curled. The hormones made it grow nice and full, and fast. You’re the envy of half the women at the salon, where you go every week for a nail and hair touchup. The rest of your cosmetics, by the way, are permanent. Tatoos and electrolysis, the wonder of modern technology”

I felt tears rolling down my cheeks as my body was filled with sperm from each end. “Watching your transformation has improved my sister’s state of mind considerably, sissy. And I have other plans to help that along. She’s going to watch your life destroyed, as you nearly destroyed hers.

I’ve already planted videocameras in the homes of your family and friends, so I’ll be able to film the expressions on their faces when they view these videotapes of your transformation. While you were under the rohypnol, you signed over everything you have to me, and agreed to give me a binding power of attorney, which is how I got the court order to change your legal identity to your new, lovely feminine self. There’s only one last thing to take care of, and then, you’ll never see me again. I’ll tell you about that after you’ve finished all your bottled sperm, asshole.”

For the next two hours, I knelt there, on all fours, sucking, being fucked, and above all, swallowing…mouthful after mouthful of sperm, literally, two gallons, one squirt at a time. My bladder emptied itself, and I realized that my penis was pointed over a drainage tube, and that I must have done that before. The realization of how much I had been brainwashed brought fresh tears to my eyes.

“Well sissy, I see you’re nearly finished! Well, I’m going to offer you one last chance at redemption. While you finished those last bottles, some men have entered your apartment, and are about to carry the training machine out to a nice club where you can experience the same gang-bang treatment you gave my sister. I’m afraid that you’ll need some surgery to put your butt back together after that, but that’s okay, you’d be having surgery down there sooner or later anyway. So, before they unplug the training machine…your last chance at redemption. You’re already addicted to the rohypnol, and I’ve already implanted a new persona for you via the training machine. Your choice is this: if you want to avoid having your friends, relatives and co-workers see all this, if you’d rather just “disappear” and be presumed dead in a few years, you can use the “emergency release” sequence on the training machine one last time. It will flood your body with a huge dose of the rohypnol, and administer enough electroshock to your brain to terminate your primary personality completely. What will be left behind will be a very dumb, very fluffy bimbo, who works as a secretary by day, and a hooker by night. Now, make your last free choice, you fucker, and then live with it!”

I just knew I couldn’t live with my entire family seeing what had been done to me. Psychic suicide seemed the best way out….the only way out. I twisted on the dildos, one last time.

“Hello, Hotsex productions. Yes Ma’am, we did produce “Payback is a Bitch, the Destruction of Don. Did you want to order a set? I’m sorry Ma’am? You said you’re his mother, and you want to know where he is? You got a copy of the tape in the mail? I’m sorry Ma’am, I can’t help you, I’m only the receptionist. I could put you through to Ms. Johnson, the president of the company, Ma’am…oh, you’ve spoken to her already? Well, have a good day, Mom, I have to get ready for my night job. I’m a hooker, you know. Oh, I’m not supposed to admit that, am I? I’m so forgetful these days.” Did I say Mom? Oh, I meant Ma’am, of course. I have to go now, my boss gets so angry if I don’t bring in enough money…bye bye!

The End