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Servitude is in the mind.. but shows through all in everything you do.

Are you without a Mistress at this time?
Are you under House rule?
Do you wish that your Superior would participate in your training?

The letters that you have sent to the House say overwhelmingly “yes”. They say that you need to get deeper inside yourself. They say that you need to learn the core of what is intended from the House curriculum.

A state of subjection to an owner or a master.
Lack of personal freedom, as to act as one chooses

The Zen of Servitude

Servitude begins in the inner state of a sissy’s mind. This means that you can practice the most important and essential part of being a sissy with or without your Superiors guidance!

Yes girls…… you can do this at home, and still “pussyfoot” around your Superior!

It is always most favorable for a sissy to have a Mistress or Master that can help in the annihilation of the sissies personal freedom, (as you all well know). The good news is that even if you find that you are with someone who does not openly condone your sissy needs, you can still practice this most essential part privately while introducing your Superior to the benefits of your becoming.

If a sissy practices her feminine poise at all times…. she will often find that much of what she desired from her Mistress is naturally granted. Even when the Superior is not openly encouraging feminization/sissification!

Servitude is the goal, the essence of any sissy’s life. Complete and total annihilation of thoughts, feelings, and desires for anyone or anything other than your Mistress/Master. Humiliation and consistency is the means of becoming firmly established in the knowledge of your rightful position as a submissive pet. To be a true, worthy submissive sissy slut, we must re-wire the very brain functioning that was required of you in your youth. As a result of these many years behind you, (you are over 18 now, right?) it will take constant remembrance, and some stern reminders, before you are fully ready and worthy to be used as a presentable property.

If one professes to be a sissy and yet cannot submit his actions to his Superior he is little more than an imposter, a wannabee, a pawn to his own inflated ego, feeling that somehow if he manages to feminize himself he will be even greater. Yes. You better read that again. This kind of sissy is nothing more than an egotistical male mocking the superiority of Women. Not only is he not a sissy but he is not even a man. Truly he is deplorable and worthy of little more than contempt.

Right here. Right now.

A sissy must take the time to learn and teach herself how to be a better servant. Becoming accomplished at those tasks required of her. The ones right at hand. Taking that extra step to do more. These can be such simple things as:

  1. learning to cook well
  2. keeping your Mistresses house in proper order
  3. cleanliness
  4. giving your Mistress massage
  5. learning to be a proper hostess for parties (dressed or not in your serving attire)
  6. becoming skilled at the fine art of cunnilingus and fellatio.
  7. (More things than we have room here to say this month)

Yes dear, all of these things can be practiced with or without the knowledge of your Superior!

Keeping up Appearances

A sissy must present herself in a proper and becoming fashion at all times. Whether sitting, standing, kneeling, walking, talking, serving or being punished……a sissy’s demeanor is of paramount concern. While you are in any of these postures it is completely unacceptable (unless instructed otherwise by your Mistress/Master) to talk, chew gum, smoke, laugh, bite nails or in other ways fidget.

For instance: When addressing your Mistress do you always remember to curtsy? Have you been practicing your curtsy until you can do so in a graceful, fluid way? There are certain things that even the House must assume you know.

You must remember throughout each moment to subjugate your psyche as well as your body if you are to become the proper sissy slave you enrolled to become.

Quality Replacement

Eradicate from your behavior the male “qualities” (and we do use that term loosely) and adopt the feminine, sissy behaviours stated in the table below:

Eradicate Adopt


Self Centered


In – Charge






Self Effacing






Mandatory Panties!

Although it is only appropriate to use your sissy name while presenting as her, it is required that you wear your panties at all times (unless specifically otherwise instructed by your Superior). In this way you will be reminded of your status. Whether you are in a board meeting or building a house, you are not the male you are presenting yourself as…. but instead a panty clad little sissy under the constant control of your Mistress and the House!


While you are walking down the hall, (regardless of what role you are playing) Are you remembering to walk like a sissy? Are you remembering to take small steps, to glide as you walk? Are you keeping your spine erect, your pelvis loose so it can sway every so smoothly from side to side, drawing subtle attention to your panty covered bottom?

When you walk, do not stride! (it is a quality reserved for those men you may someday be servicing) This is not a presentation that is acceptable for you. While standing, stand erect. Back straight, knees and ankles together head slightly bowed, eyes cast down, hands at your sides or folded in front of you covering your pointless sex organs. Practice with a book on your head dear. And yes…. in your 5″ heels.


When dropping to a kneeling position, DO NOT move one knee at a time. This is terribly ungraceful and presents the chance of showing your panties while you are moving. Instead bend both knees together and gently and gracefully lower yourself to the ground. Once on your knee’s; kneel with your back straight, your head slightly bowed, hands folded in front of you, and remember to keep your eyes cast slightly down at all times unless otherwise instructed.

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