Sissy Training Assignment Program!

Your sissy training assignments!You have come to the heart & jewel of the House. These Sissy Training Assignments are just the thing to develop your very own quintessential submissive sissy maid – unparalleled at service, duty, sexual assistance and most of all, subservience.

The Staff here at Sissify strive to attain the highest knowledge and practical use of the feminization training process. In fact, two Members of our Staff are in actuality Post Operative Transsexuals.

These Sissy Training Assignments are complete with instruction and support for sissies as well as their Superiors. Emphasis has been given to demeanor, with attitude adjustment opportunities given at all levels of sissification.

Review these Sissification Assignments. Think about how they can fit in your life. Do they require alone time? Are they something that needs to be scheduled? If you show up with a face full of makeup at work tomorrow, will you lose your job? These are the questions to ask yourself. But be tough. Don’t chicken out. Push that envelope until its ready to burst and stay there! Keep expanding your training! Expand yourself!

We recommend starting with the Servitude Assignment ….. unless other arrangements have been made with a Staff Member or your Superior.

Upon completion of your Assignments; write and submit a full and detailed Report (include photographic documentation whenever possible) to the Staff.  Special attention should be made to your feelings as completing the Assignment and your interpretation of the Staff’s intent of the exercise.


Start with a sissy Quiz!

Sissy Quiz!

Your sissy training curriculum

Bad Girls

Women's studies

It's imperitive to embrace the realities of sissification by immersing yourself in actual experiences of feminization ...
Giving Pleasure


Whether you want to be on your knees or anal-yzing the latest positions for submission - guidance for sensual sissy ...
Respect and Worship

Respect and Worship

You enter the House of Sissify to pay homage to your Superiors and to learn how to perfect your submission ...
Girlish Essence

Girlish Essence

It’s back to the basics for sissies! Girlish guidelines for many of the basic skills that all sissies should practice ...
Getting Real

Getting Real

Social skills will make you shine! Our debutants must present themselves appropriately to make the House proud to claim them ...
Domestic Duties

Domestic Duties

Service oriented sissies are in demand! What Superior wouldn’t want a sissy maid to make life more pleasant? These tasks ...
Beauty Secrets

Beauty Secrets

Sissify beauty secrets will help you transform yourself into your sissy dream - face, figure, fashion, and finesse! ...

Ready to start your training?

Submit your application today!


This site is SOOOOO cool. Very well done & intelligent. Great graphics & a great staff. I even met someone & we are going to get together soon thanks to the International Sissy Network


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Sissy has completed her profile and taken the sissy test.The sissy test has accurately identified the sissy’s preference for sissy slavery.Now the sissy wears a pink chastity cage every day, which makes her feel great

Love all,

Sissy yunqian


This sissy has only just joined the house of Sissify and is loving it already! This sissy is a thong lover. It’s the only underwear she wears. She has a looking to get past the nervous stage and suck her first dick.


I’m a total thong girl – like the quiz says. I wear thongs and g-strings every day. I love them and am never going back to anything else again.


I enjoyed taking the Sissy Quiz again . This Sissy Slave is always ready to please anyone that I’m instructed to do so . This Sissy look forward to pleasing the House again .

yi zhao

This sissy has completed her profile and taken the sissy quiz. The Sissy quiz has accurately identified this sissy’s predilection for Sissy Slavery. Appears this sissy has a lot of training ahead.

Love to all,
Sissy yi.

yi zhao.


As a 11 year old boy, Mother won’t be home for hours sliding Her girdle on pulling Her stockings up my little boy legs
Working the clips ,seeing the young woman he longs to be in Her mirror.
Oh the memories.


although serenity is new to this site she has been letting her fem side out more and more for some time now and need help to control her sissy urges as she sometimes lets them get far to carried away “blushing” serenity knows that she can never stop feeling like this so really its time to start accepting and training to do this right but she finds it hard to keep the balance as much as she would dream to be a sexy sissy 24/7 falling in love here more everyday, serenity can only dream where she will be after… Read more »

Taylor Love

Hi Mistress, sissy Taylor just found out she’s a sissy maid. She’s excited to start her training.


The Sissy Quiz has accurately identified this sissy’s predilection for Sissy Slavery. In this sissy’s very short time at the House, a failure to observe etiquette and act with true humility has rightly been brought to he.r attention by Madame Stewart. The blushes felt by her novice sissy were burning hot and remain so as s.he makes her apologies to Madame Stewart and the House clear to all. For a sissy with a weakness for exquisite dresses, silk lingerie and a classic high heel, feminism need not rest merely on equality. It was the goal of female emancipation that made… Read more »


This sissy has completed her profile and taken the sissy quiz. Appears this sissy has a lot of training ahead.