Rules of Conduct

The purpose of Talk To Me, the House of chat area, is to provide a place for sissies to meet, improve behavior, receive instruction, socialize and experience sisterhood. It is a place for Superiors (both Mistress and Masters) to meet and train sissies.
Support for each other is very important.

Our chat is completely revamped - and offers some amazing new features.

  • Voice and video chat!
  • Smilies and emoticons!
  • Send and receive files!
  • Both chat room and private messaging!
  • Available on every page! Yes honey, that's the pink button on the right hand bottom. You can now surf with your friends while chatting!

Sexual Activities:

NO WANKING OR CYBERSEX of any kind is permitted in any of the chat rooms except for the sissySex room, under any circumstances! Talking about sex/sexuality is permitted and encouraged; playing out the fantasy is not.


On your approved Special Days you will be invited to join your girlfriends in the sissySex room to practice your Wanking Assignment.

Logging In:

When logging in to Talk To Me, the electrics will find your girlish information by the data you have shared with the International Sissy Network. Just as the electrics know your name, the Staff knows who you are to keep track of your behavior!

  • The chat system has two main features!
    • Instant messaging
    • Chat Rooms
  • To make changes to your girlish name, or ISN records, just go here
  • sissies must use lower case (small) letters in their names. Only Superiors may use upper case (capital) letters. If necessary, you must go change your Profile.  From there you can update all your girlish data. After submission, it will require relogging into the chatroom for the changes to take effect.
  • When entering any room, you should greet the Superiors of the room first, and then your sissy girlfriends. It is not necessary or encouraged to waste the Superior's time by asking permission to be there. If the Superior wants you to leave, you will be told.
  • To chat, type what you want to say in the small box at the lower part of the screen. Then hit return. You should not use capital letters, especially, all caps, in general conversation. That is considered yelling. Rudeness or foul language is not permitted. You may disagree with someone, but always respect their feelings and opinions. Remember you are a lady!
  • Before you leave, ask permission from any Superiors in the room as a courtesy and so the conversation may end naturally.

Etiquette and Behavior:

  • Always show proper respect for Superiors in the chat room. Start by a review of Proper Correspondence Etiquette. Use capital letters when addressing your Superiors. If a Superior is present at any time use "Mistress", "Master", and so on, appropriate to her/his own title selection. When speaking to Superiors for the first time in a chat session, you should curtsy or bow to them.
  • Always show respect and support for your sissy sisters. Welcome new girls and help them with the room, the House and their concerns. Remember to be humble and demure - it is pleasing to meet such lovely and well-behaved girls. Do not make fun of each other for typing or spelling errors. Do not act bossy and like a stupid sissy know-it-all!
  • Do not run into the room spouting off on whatever topic might be in your silly sissy head. Listen, follow the topic of conversation and if you have a particular comment or question enter it politely. Patiently wait for it to be addressed. Don't just ramble on about yourself - pay attention!
  • Always follow the instructions of a Superior without hesitation. The only exception is if a Superior orders you to do something that violates the spirit or the letter of the chat room rules. When this does occur, you may respectfully tell Him or Her that you are "a sissy under control of the House of Sissify (or your own Superior) and are not permitted to engage in such conduct" (wanking is the prime example). If it persists, contact a member of the Staff immediately
  • When you are through chatting and wish to leave, just close the window.  If a Superior is present, ask for permission to leave first.
  • To have a private conversation via instant messaging, click Chat, then select that person’s name and click on it you wish to converse with. Type your message and hit return. If you do not wish to receive private messages from this user, click on the settings and "Block User".
  • It is recommended that you never ever "switch" to play Mistress/Master. You violate a trust with your sisters and usually look even sillier.
  • Banning: Improper conduct is grounds for being banned from the chat room (and even the entire site) by the House Staff. The ban can be temporary or permanent at the Staff's discretion.
  • Tricks: Inappropriate behavior has been programmed to be intercepted. Strange messages appearing after these occurrences will exemplify to all the type of person that tried this ludicrous behavior.

Special Notes before logging on:

  • Have you read the rules of conduct?
  • And most importantly, are you going to behave yourself?

This chat is logged sweetie, and any rude behavior can result in the user being permanently banned from the chat room.

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