Feminization Erotica

reading-is-sexyStories and poetry can transcend the mere 1000 words that a picture is limited to, and instead fill us with feelings, emotions, lives and dreams that we all share. Feminization erotica is a powerful medium – especially in Our world of transgender fetish! And better than that – it turns the Staff on sharing them with you. We know your dreams honey. Want to read about it?

Letters from the Community

Letters from the Community

Tell Us about it honey! The House receives tons of emails from Our girls each and every day discussing their ...
Ask The Mistress

Ask The Mistress

I am alone Mistress, and this sissy needs assistance to be truly feminine. Can the Staff at Sissify show me ...
Sissify Deep Dish Gossip Blog


sissy gossip served up Sweet & Juicy! What's a girl to talk about with her hairdresser if she's not up ...
your required reading

your required reading

Authentic. Real. The feminization articles you've been looking for. Raised in the Real World through transition by Matriarchs in their ...
Pathos and Poetry

Sissy Poetry

Poetry reveals the true feelings that are so difficult for a sissy to convey. An outlet they become... and meant ...
Book of Sluts

Sissy Comics

Chronicles of the House’s emasculation and feminization of our willing (and some not so willing) students in comic style! ...
retro erotica

Retro Erotica

The retro erotica of gender through literature and illustration has been with us forever! Finding these vintage jems is a ...
Forced Feminization Stories

Stories of Feminization

The fantasy is real. There is nothing like great forced feminization stories to dive you into your sissy desires ...

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I am a mature sissy in need of instruction and discipline to become the best submissive sissy I can be. I have felt the need to be submissive to both men and women since I was very young. would love to chat with other trainees to share stories. will do my best to follow all commands and advice given by my Superiors


this sissy, ms. cumfairy is so very excited to be here. s.he wants to dedicate herself to being a complete submissive twit. humiliation and being exposed, forced out of the closet made to express and communicate h.er life long dreams and desires to be transformed and turned into the girly gay boy I s.he hides from everyone. Training and discipline are mandatory for her as s.he is a sly one. Mistresses and my Superiors this sissy can’t wait to get started. Please help this sissy be exposed and forced out of the closet. head down thank you so so much… Read more »


Hi there, mi name is Rina (my girl’s name), and I joined here at january… I may not be too active around here, but I love this website. I’ve read some stories and I found them very good and somehow very Educational. I’ve put myself under hypnotic trance’s audios for around 6 years or maybe more. I don’t remember exactly.,. For more than a year, I kept myself all myselh shaved…. This sissy has accomplished a lot if tasks around, she guess… And she is sorry if english is not good enough, but it’s not her native language. I wish… Read more »


I love being a sissy and would enjoy chatting with others.

sissy amanda

Hi Shelby ? I have been a sissy since I was 10. I love to chat ?


hi shelby


This is Sarah and I have just joined. I am a new sissy, thrilled by my discovery but still uncertain , shy and tentative. Any encouragement would be welcomed

Madame Stewart

Be sure to participate via the Activity Stream honey, as I would hate to see your call for encouragement get buried in the comments of an erotica page. 🙂 https://www.sissify.com/inside/activity/


welcome Sarah-please follow Madame Stewart’s kind advice and jille hopes to meet you on the Activity Stream. Bye and love-jillie


This sissy confessed he.r sin of thinking negatively causing he.r to live in male ego not serving as he.r duties call for. After confessing sissy found he.r place and is not living he.r true sissy calling. Cleaning and serving making life better through service for the Superiors in sissy’s life. The House of Sissify asked sissy to send a letter penance using sissy 6 times slut 4 dainty little clitty 3 real mans cock 3 fondle 2 suck cock 2 baby wee wee tube 3 sissy juices 5 and pantie waste faggot 4 times. This sissy has failed to be… Read more »