Your Ideal Sissy Pet!

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As a submissive sissy, we assume you would love to dote some care and attention on a pet? Perhaps a four-legged friend may be the perfect answer as a sissy companion while improving your feminine skills within the House.

A strict Mistress would obviously keep you properly leashed but in the meantime a pathetic pooch could be just what you need. Of course, your choice of dog is vitally important if you wish to show the world your sissy status.

Stroke me!

Discard large aggressive breeds such a Great Dane, Rottweiler or Doperman Pinscher and consider a feminine mutt such as a cute Poodle or tiny Chihuahua. Imagine keeping the latter in your handbag and showering it openly with kisses and love.

Alternatively go walkies and mince round the park on towering heels with your adorable but insignificant pooch. Imagine having a tiny dog that barks ‘Look at my owner, s’hes a sissy’ may create the perfect opportunity to strike up conversation with a strong and powerful Mistress while out-walking her own muscular dog.

Steady girls – don’t get ‘on heat’ – remember a dog is for life and not just for your personal sissy aesthetics. Don’t pamper too much attention on your pooch when you should be concentrating on your own feminization within the House!

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WOW I have to say,.. That although I do not participate in this particular lifestyle,.. (being far too dominant in set in my ways to desire such an experience) I feel you deserve enormous kudos on the design and layout… Read more “ishmael”


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