Proper Correspondence Etiquette

You may have noticed that just about every page at the House has this term on the bottom..."Proper Correspondence Etiquette is expected & enforced." 
This term refers to the procedure of properly addressing the Staff of the House of Sissify. It is imperative that you sissies learn your proper place.... and this is an excellent place to start.


Humility is the both the starting place, a goal, a practice and a foundation.

Without humility a girl never learns how to listen. The male ego continues to seek to mansplain in its pathetic attempts at control as it tries in vain to assert its opinion over its insecurities.

Humility in time becomes a state of living; a foundation in the mind that allows for all other actions to flow naturally. Like the mountain valley filled with nurturing water instead of the mountain peak bare and inhospitable - humility welcomes all that is worthwhile. Rejecting the need to be “right" or "dominant", in exchange for being useful, valuable, desirable and most importantly: kind.

Through this practice (which begins here) you are learning to become capable of seeing and recognizing the needs of others, making youself of real value as a friend, servant, appendage or partner - or at least a useful accessory.

Sarcasm, narcissism, arrogance, and all other forms of disrespectful communications will not be tolerated. In demand Dominants enjoy filtering their mail! It gives Us more time to answer the more deserving communiques.


Why would a sissy ever need the opportunity to yell?

Yelling is in fact one of the fastest ways to not be heard at all, since all that is being communicated is an endless tirade of me me me me me! Communication is an exchange; if you are hoping to be heard, don’t yell at people. Anyone! Especially not someone your are expected to be respectful to.

In this time of quickie, voice activated, auto spelled modern devices - its imperative to write your communication as demurely as possible. It's too easy to look curt and hurried with acronyms and poor texting habits. Capitalization emphasizes this lack of care.

Communications written in capital letters (SUCH AS THIS) allow Superiors the liberty of disposal immediately. You will not be heard, your communication will be scrubbed, your egoic expression left impotent and worthless. You probably made a long term impression too that may not be easily overcome. We all consider this "yelling", and daftly, Our mail server has been programmed to automatically deletes offending communiques.

Case Counts in Large Amounts

We are your Superiors. Such as in " Me & you "

Note the case difference. You are to only refer to yourself in the lowercase. Refer to your Superior and/or the Staff in the capitalization that is reserved for them.

This is perhaps one of the biggest butt hurt for a new girl. "I cannot do that!" she screams, "I must stand up for my own dignity!" she yells. From our perspective this is laughable at best - and more often sad. Here a trainee is seeking to soften with the goal of re writing her psyche and eliminating her male ego - and all she can do when confronted is cry, yell, and stamp her feet over such a simple practice. And so early in her training too!

This is a practice; an action you take to achieve your goals - not degradation.

It is also a generous and simple way to convey you gratitude and respect to those who’s ear you trying to engage.

Case counts. Use it properly, not only in grammatical context but to convey respect and to quell that endless desire to dominate and be central to all interactions.

Acceptable Conversation Openers

How does one start a conversation with a Superior? In its most simple form, you focus your email about Them instead of yourself.
When a Superior receives tons of emails a day - the best way to make an impression is to be articulate. Interested in them instead of your own needs. Want to serve them? Give them an idea that its for them, instead of you.

The number one mistake We witness too far often is an unsolicited dick pic. Seriously. As if it is a proper thing to send - when really what you are trying to do is say hello! Let's review this:

  • Genitals are not an accessible conversation opener. Try something like "This sissy really loves your profile Mam" or "You've so engaged me with your intellect and dominance!"
  • Tucking is an important part of being sissy - and to swing that appendage around and be so proud of its size, or how small it is - is nothing short of a vestige of toxic masculinity you are still dragging around with you. Let's work on this.
  • The worthless appendage of a sissy has no use whatsoever to a Superior. None at all. So keep it tucked in your cute panties, and send a picture of that round ass instead. You are a bottom after all!

Me Me Me & The Third Person

The earth Herself needs this shift, all relationships benefit from this change, the feelings of inadequacy themselves are brought into balance as this lie of self importance is recognized.
When a Superior receives tons of emails a day - the best way to make an impression is to be articulate. Interested in them instead of your own needs. Want to serve them? Give them an idea that its for them, instead of you.

But just as with any change, the momentum of old bad habits must first be neutralized. This can best be accomplished by practicing humility in self reference by referring to yourself in the third person.

Messages that contain more "i's" than any other word are just in poor taste . We call this the "me me me" letter. To alleviate this, refer to yourself as if you are observing yourself, in third person as it is called. Example:

"I just wanted to write so I could tell you how wonderful all Superiors are"

"This girl just wanted to write so s.he could tell you how wonderful all Superiors are."

See the difference?

Humility is a very important part of your training and it is through the simple and moment by moment actions and choices that it's cultivation builds. This is the essence of Sissify Mind Training.

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