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 Have you submitted your application?The House of Sissify is built upon a solid belief of strict sissy training, discipline, feminization, and most importantly – a place for you to be your true self.We realize sissies like you take no responsibility for your own desires! We are experienced and capable trainers, willing to take full responsibility of your desires.Don’t worry, you will have plenty of opportunities to thank Us, sissy.

Ladies…. We are here to help you administer the discipline that your sissy requires. Often copied, but never equaled, We are a full service information and educational institution, providing the tools and personalized guidance to sissify, feminize, train & transition that little boy into the princess You want to see her become.

Proper training is the key to winning the attention of any Superior. With participation in the House, the opportunity has never been greater to become that special sissy slut to a special Lady or Master.

Emphasis has been given to attitudetraining on its core level, with attitude adjustment opportunities given at all levels of sissification. With sissy training assignments, from Servitude Studies to How to Please a Real Man, Our girls learn just what its like to be a Real Woman.

Proper care of our sissies is very important to the Staff, so each and every girl is immediately placed on a strict Discipline Schedule, reviewed enthusiastically by the esteemed Masturbation Control Board. Notifications and fantasies are sent to the lucky ones when it is their ‘special day‘, just to make sure your sissy urges are properly administered.

With the combined personal knowledge of the Staff (ranging from Lifestyle Dominants to Post Operative Transsexuals) one can begin to comprehend the volume of information available at the House. Chat roomsDiscussion GroupsArticles, anonymous feMail system and international personal ads make tens of thousands of girls call the House home.

Your House of SissifyYes, The House is that online institution to explore yourself, garner knowledge, find resources, and make great connections and lasting relationships with your community.

Remember girls…becoming a well trained sissy requires hard work, proper education, and serious discipline!

Are you ready?

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princess on parade!

Our special girls, worthy of our highest honor!
princess evaline

princess evaline

Playful! Sassy! Princess evaline pops into Spring with a girlish bounce every Sissify girl should have! Such enthusiasm! We feel ...

princess amanda rose

Cuteness. Is there anything more girly? Anybody can put on a dress and some lipstick, but when we grab some ...

Looky look look!

Just a sampling of Our attention sluts!

sissy photo gallery

We just love our sissy photo albums! All the beautiful sissies, their Mistresses, their inspiration - their feminization progress! Over
Lust for Lace!

lust for lace!

Do you have a lust for lace? Is there anything more lovely than pink satin panties with a border of

our sweeties panties

Panties are a sissy's best friend, and Our girls love theirs. Yes, the girls keep sending in photos of their

The Art of Feminization

The Art of Feminization In vanilla sex; art imitates life – but in fetish; life imitates art! So many of our

Romper Room

Koochie koochie koo! Is there anything more nurturing than a warm diaper, your favorite blankie, a pacifier and a loving


Punishment, piercings and chastity, oh my!

sissy training assignments

A feminization curriculum designed to assist in developing a well trained sissy. Complete with instruction, support and grading!

Respect and Worship

You enter the House of Sissify to pay homage to your Superiors and to learn how to perfect your submission. As you worship at the altar of femininity, you must show reverence appropriately. Enhance that natural urge to curtsey by showing true respect ...
Beauty Secrets

Beauty Secrets

Your Staff offer you wise counsel on looking like the girl you are inside. From head to toe you will find assignments in this section that will help you transform yourself into your girlish dream - face, figure, fashion, and finesse! ...
Domestic Duties

Domestic Duties

Service oriented sissies are in demand! What Superior wouldn’t want a sissy maid to make life more pleasant? Daunting though they may seem, managing these tasks can make or break a sissy. The House presents practical guidelines for the domestic domain ...
Girlish Essence

Girlish Essence

It’s back to the basics for sissies! In this section of our Assignments, your Staff present guidelines for many of the basic skills that all sissies should practice. Remove fuzz and phalluses. Step confidently and speak pleasantly. Use your feminine charm to bewitch and beguile. Let's show those genetic girls how to be girly! ...

Getting Real

Our debutants must present themselves appropriately to make the House proud to claim them as OUR sissies. We know you want to put your best high-heeled foot forward when you walk into the room. Heads will turn. What will they see? ...


Whether you want to be on your knees providing pleasure or anal-yzing the latest positions for submission, the House demands perfection. Do it right, girl! Guidance for sensual sissy sex, flawless fellatio, correct cunnilingus, and adept anal submission ...

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Seventeen years online has amassed the ‘nets largest collection of forced feminization, crossdressing and sissy training content, loved & shared by millions.

feminization stories

The fantasy is real. It’s deep. It’s been since you can remember – and there is nothing like a sissy story to take you deep into it.


Listen to your Superior! ...


"When I woke up everything was different!" ...


How some lucky girls become maids, sissies and sluts. ...

Romper Room

Age regression, baby. Koochie koo! ...

Mind Control

"You will now become my sissy sex slave..." ...

Life: Strange as Fiction

Personal accounts of feminization. ...
Caught You!


Caught you! ...

Bad Girls

Doing the shemale nasty. ...

sissify deep dish!

Transgender gossip served up sweet fresh & juicy!

sissy gwendolyn loves wearing women's clothing

sissy gwendolyn loves women’s clothing!

The 68-year-old Vietnam veteran dresses in women's clothing, wears bows in his hair, likes his skirts exactly 17 inches short, and prefers his toolboxes in pink.

8 Transgender Stars You Should Know

So you think you're all alone being TG in 2015? Well honey, where have you been? In the closet? Here's some

It’s time to sexualize the ‘men’ in your life

We here at the House of Sissify believe it's a great step in society to begin to sexualize the "men" in our world!

Happy Birthday Frankenfurter!

Is this the single time that Tim Curry was willing to discuss Rocky Horror and and his role as Frank N Furter at length?

Stiletto Racing, a House favorite!

And you thought the  Olympics  exciting to watch?! What about the well-heeled women of the world running in regional  Stiletto

Foot Worship For Sissies

When was the last time you stooped so low to care for your Goddesses' feet? Be honest with yourself and

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