A Safe and Loving Community

The House offers a closed and moderated community to provide a safer space for its members compared to platforms like Twitter and Facebook, where hate speech and abuse is prevalent.

Here's why it matters:

A place for safe, self exploration:
Censorship of sexual identity is rampant in these times of churning ideologies. From Roe vs. Wade, to transphobic laws sweeping the world - people are trying to force their limited understanding of "morality" upon us. A closed, locked down community is needed to explore your authenticity, safely. The House prides itself on fighting this good fight, and dedicates itself to providing a safe home for its girls for years to come.

Protection against hate speech:
Transgender individuals are too often subjected to discrimination, harassment, and hate speech on public social media platforms. In a closed and moderated community like the House, strict guidelines are implemented that prevent hate speech and ensure a loving environment. The Staff actively monitors discussions, takes action against any offensive content, and provides support to members who may need it.

Eliminating exposure to transphobia:
The House being a closed community,  allows for more control over who can join and participate. By vetting and approving potential and new members, the House can maintain a safe environment by ensuring that individuals who harbor transphobic attitudes or intentions are not granted access. Our application does its best to weed out the riff-raff and has worked successfully for years. This reduces the chances of encountering transphobic individuals and creates a supportive space for Our girls to share their experiences without fear of ridicule or prejudice.

Supportive and understanding community:
The House fosters a strong sense of belonging among members who share similar experiences, challenges, and identities. This shared understanding creates a supportive network where individuals feel comfortable discussing personal matters, seeking advice, and finding empathetic ears. Members build long term and meaningful relationships, exchange resources, and provide emotional support, which contributes to a safer and more affirming space. Many girls at the House have been part of the community for over 20 years!

Increased privacy and confidentiality:
Privacy concerns are particularly relevant for transgender individuals who may be navigating sensitive aspects of their identity or transitioning. The House offers greater privacy and confidentiality compared to public platforms. Members control their personal information, discussions remain within the community, and individuals feel more secure in sharing their stories and seeking support without fear of unwanted exposure or judgment. In essence, the House is built around your privacy.

Tailored resources and information:
The House curates resources, information, and discussions specific to the needs of our members. This targeted approach allows for a deeper exploration of issues related to transgender identity, medical transition, mental health,  sexuality, power exchange and more. Having accurate and reliable information readily available within a safe community is empowering to make informed decisions of well-being.

We hope this information assists you in your understanding of the importance of the House to its community. If you have any questions or are interested in how to increase your online privacy, reach out to your Staff for more information!
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I have to say what a truly wonderful site this is. It has come like a warm comforting glow that has started to lift me out of a world of darkness. Many thanks to the wonderful Staff at The House… Read more “bobbiegirl”

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