Once when I was about 7 or 8 I accidentally wet my pants in public. Upon seeing this, my Aunt (who I was staying with for the day) took me back to her house, had me undress and put my clothes in the washer. While my clothes were being washed, she dressed me in a pair of my cousin’s panties and a cute little dress. She did this not to be mean (in fact I remember her apologizing several times while dressing me) but simply because they were the only clothes in the house that would fit me.

I felt completely humiliated…especially when my cousin came home with a group of neighborhood kids (boys and girls). At first they laughed at me but my Aunt scolded them and told us all to go out in the backyard to play.

I spent an hour outside playing with the other boys and girls in a little blue dress and white and pink cotton panties. The girls were nice to me and gave me pointers on how to sit while wearing a dress. The boys were mean and kept calling me a girl and lifting up my dress.

At the time I hated that day…but ever since than I have longed to find myself back in that yard experiencing the vulnerability of having the boys lifting up my dress and laughing at my pretty little panties

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