Naughty! Naughty!

Do you have a dark sticky thing that's plagues yourself? Isn't it time to take that 30 pounds off your chest honey? (No, not your DD breast forms!)

Through the Sacrament of Penance, we are bestowed with Sanctifying Grace, Sacramental Grace, forgiveness and absolution of our sins. This form aims to simplify and expedite the complicated process of sissy confession.

First of all, we need contrition. Before you can feel sorrow for your sins, you must know what they are. Review them explicitly in your mind, and review them with your values and ethics. Do you fee contrite yet? Good honey.

Now, we can proceed with the confession. Your words will be heard by a Superior of the House, who will manage a few clerical tasks and forward your confession to the great Matriarchal Goddess in the sky.

The House Electriks will then deliver your penance. Limit one per day.

Only Inside girls can view this form!
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I wanted to thank you for the insight into TransGendered Persons. As a Psych student doing a thesis on Gender Issues In Counseling your information helped to clarify and reify my own position with regard to gender identification psychology. I wish… Read more “Todd”

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