A Living Blow-Up Doll!

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A living doll!

Transgender plastic surgery addict spends over $120k on surgery to look like blow-up doll

Katella Dash, a transgender woman who wants to transform herself into a living blow up doll, has asked doctors to enhance her breasts to a 38MMM.

Two separate doctors have told her that the increase could kill her. Katella, who is from Minneapolis, has spent over $60,000 on plastic surgery procedures to make herself look like her blow up doll, which she calls Katella Two, reports the Inquisitr via Metro.

Katella recently appeared on E! reality series Botched, so she could ask surgeons Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif to enlarge her breasts, as well as make changes to her lips and nose.

The doctors discussed with Katella the procedures that she has already undergone.

After examining her and hearing the details of her other surgeries, both doctors agreed the enlarging her breasts from 38H to 38MMM could kill her.

Both doctors told her that there was no way they would perform the surgery.

“So seriously, you want to look like your doll?” Dr. Dubrow asked Katella dumbfounded. “I’m not judging, I’m just asking why. Why?”

Katella didn’t even have to have a moment to think over her reply.

She told the doctor without hesitation that she believes that the plastic doll is the “ultimate representation of femininity.”

“When I first had gender reassignment surgery, I wanted to look more feminine,” Katella explains.

“So I said to myself, ‘What is the ultimate in femininity?’ It’s a plastic sex blow-up doll.’”

Katella says that she has undergone several procedures already in her quest to be a living blow up doll.

She says that she is unhappy with how much of the work turned out. She is particularly unhappy with her breasts and nose, reports the Daily Mail.

139546376311d23-original-1 “I’ve had so much surgery to look like her, but I think I’m about 80 per cent there. I think if I got my lips done, my eyes made bigger and bluer, my breasts made bigger. My nose I’ve had done three times. I do [have an implant in my nose] but I don’t like it. I want it thinned out, I want an itty-bitty nose.”

Dr. Nassif states that he is completely stunned that Katella would consider having more surgery on her nose.

“Your nose is pretty thin tight now,” he told her.

4248_55x When it came to her already large breast implants, Dr. Dubrow wanted to know if Katella had issues with discomfort such as hardness and pain.

“I have a double bubble,” Katella said. “I think they’re too small. I want to go from a 38H to a 38MMM.”

Both doctors could not believe that despite being told further procedures could cost her, her life Katella wanted to proceed.

“The whole story of Katella wanting to be like a blow-up doll, there is still a part of me that doesn’t believe it, but if it’s real, she needs help, she really needs help,” said Dr. Dubrow.

“Katella obviously has issues, but we can’t say no until we see what’s going on, because if she is botched, I don’t want to turn her away.”

Both doctors agreed to examine Katella to determine if her previous procedures had been botched. Katella does admit that other doctors have refused to do procedures.

“I’ve had doctors that will decline doing a lip lift on me because they said that food would dribble out of my mouth because it wouldn’t close all of the way,” she explains.

blow up doll “I don’t care! I’ll eat through a straw.” Dr. Nassif examined Katella’s breasts. During the exam he clearly becomes uncomfortable with Katella’s “inappropriate suggestive and overtly-sexual behavior.”

Both doctors agreed that there was nothing wrong with her current implants and that further surgery could cause serious damage to her.

“If Katella goes any larger, there’s a real possibility she’ll burst.”

“‘Let me just inject a little bit of truth into this story,” Dr. Dubrow stated.

“You have a very stable breast situation and if you go bigger, you risk developing a really bad problem.”

Later Dubrow added, “If Katella goes any larger, there’s a real possibility she’ll burst.”

cum-arata-in-urma-cu-30-de-ani-aceasta-blonda-secretul-din-spatele-chipului-de-papusa-253530 Despite the risks, Katella says she will not give up on her dream to become “plastic perfection.”

“I love to look plastic – most people hate me for my extreme appearance but it fuels me to get more work done,” Katella said.

“I think I do have an obsession with plastic surgery, but being over the top and extreme feels normal to me.

“The look I am going for is a walking blow-up sex doll – it’s about as fake a person as you can be.”



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