Bend Forward & Accept Your Reward

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At a recent initiation I watched in admiration as a sissy literally bent backwards to appease her Superior. Her dedication to her submissive duty was worthy of applause and one in which all sissies should adopt – so here it is.

I suggest you practice this perfect humiliating position of submission immediately. Follow the general guidelines as in the photo but be sure to wear your best stockings, at least 4” heels, panties, a long wig and a heavily weighted bra.

spankers maid Offer a chair to your Superior so they can sit themselves comfortably behind you as you bend at the waist giving them full view of your scantily clad posterior. Try to touch your toes, splay your feet between your seated Superior and slid your hands to the floor, careful not to damage your nails.

With your sweet cheeks thrust in your superiors face, your vulnerability exposed, walk the walk of shame with your hands, as far as you dare without falling flat on your face. Marvel as your hair falls forward covering your eyes and revel in how your breasts hang downwards threatening to knock you off balance. Now, at your superiors convenience you are primed and ready to accept whatever she has in store for you.

The House recommendations include a sphincter stretching butt plug or for the adventurous an inflatable pump plug or even an ejaculating vibrator.

But above all don’t forget you must get your Superior to relax, get comfortable and remain seated as her comfort and your discomfort makes this such a fun game.

While in this deliciously awkward position you may want to remind yourself of your sissy status by telling her how much you worship her, what you will do for her when back on your feet or simply play the sissy memory game and recite (in detail) all the items of feminine clothes you own.

Let the party games commence.

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The House of Sissify has encouraged me to be the real me and experiment with all sorts of idea’s. Before I started I would rarely dress up, now I can’t go a day without wearing at least panties. I would… Read more “Jess”

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