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When i go to a fetish convention and look out over all the goodies the dealers have brought to tempt, tantalize and seduce what few meager ducats i have in my clutch purse… i must steel myself. So many pretty pretties. So many wicked Wickeds. Latex, leather, plastic, pyrex, metal, satin, crinoline, a thousand textures all demanding my attention and tactile experience. But the booths i’m most drawn to are the booths where the artisans and craftspersons are working. The One of a Kind items; Fetish Works of Art. These living anachronisms who sell these glorious lovingly hand made implements of pain and pleasure are the true heart and soul of the BDSM scene. And when i think of beautiful hand made original Fetish toys, i immediately think of the wonderful WhypDancer and her amazing Canes 4 Pain

Elegance & Punishment

Elegance & Punishment

Now granted, i’m a fetishist and i like pain in my play. Spanking paddles, whips floggers etc, etc…. but canes are another matter. A cane in the hands of a brilliant administrator of corporal punishment can be an amazing experience. A humbling, agonizing experience, that will change up a errant slaves outlook with the whistling speed of a single stroke. It’s also an experience i avoid like the plague. A striping by cane is a serious matter for me. It is pain like a wasp sting. A pain that grows and builds even after the first stroke. A kind of sting that goes all the way to the bone, bounces off the bone, and goes immediately to the brain to file a complaint with the cerebellum. i mean it hurts. A lot.

So here is WhypDancer… smiling her pleasant and friendly smile sitting at her booth banging away at piece of fine silver sheet making a rose bud. A innocent scene of an artist at work. And here is me being drawn in towards her booth like the complete idiot that i am. What is that draws me in? What makes me come so close to look at the things that scare the poopie out of me at the mere mention of the word cane? WhypDancer doesn’t simply make canes, she makes slender royal scepters… magical faerie wands. Exquisite ornate sterling silver and bejewelled wonders. And this girl likes shiny, pretty things. Deceptive beguiling enchanting and evil.. Pure unholy evil.

Nothing so phantasmorgically whimsical should be capable of illiciting the kind of heartfelt and impassioned screams that they do. It goes against the laws of Disney. Its unnatural i tell you. But there they are. i just pray that Mistress Alexia doesn’t walk by and notice them. Please pray with me. You cant possibly see how a fabulous lady can resist these evil instruments looking so elegant and commanding such attention. Beautiful accessories that one could picture a evil faerie tale Queen reaching for to punish the alabaster white perfect skin of a usurped Princess. Or perhaps the decadent and jaded Mother Superior of the convent seeking to instruct her young trembling noviate in the finer points of suffering.

This is some amazing and beautiful stuff and WhypDancer in my humble opinion is the very best at this little niche of BDSM She has set the bar so high, it is hard to imagine anybody catching up. If you are a devotee of the toys and implements of torture… then you need to own a selection of WhypDancer’s canes. If you are discriminating Dominant Woman then it would be hard to imagine that you haven’t held and swung one of WhypDancers beautiful slender corporal teaching aides. Her work is that essential to the aesthetic of BDSM Role Play and the image of the Dominitrix .

i really do want to give one of these to my Mistress as a gift one day. You know, when im feeling completely insane, or am tired of life. Perhaps when i have suffered some terrible nerve damage and can no longer feel anything below the neck. Yeah that’s when ill do that. Oh what a wicked Qaundry You have presented me with WhypDancer. Beauty to be afraid of Now that is truly Divinely Decadent .

Carpe Noctum

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  1. I like to wear school skirts, and my wife found out, and sent her girlfriend around to “punish” me with a tennis bat, but she came with a cane!!! so now I have to stand with my skirt held high in front of the window!! to be punished.
    Oh I’m a naughty girl

  2. Veronica,
    As the person who commissioned the cane which you saw Whypdancer working on (and owner of many more of her masterpieces, including the pink flower cane pictured above) let me include praises of not only their beauty, but her wonderful talent in creating canes with wonderful balance, flex and weight. They are as excellent to use as they are beautiful. I have had previous submissives travelling nearby ask (and beg) to stop by for a caning, since the quality of the canes used by their current partners did not allow the artistry that WhypDancer’s creations can create. I can gladly give my opinion that WhypDancer is the foremost artist in her field.
    So, consider the pride and joy with which your Mistress would recieve a gift of one of WhypDancer’s canes, and how it will always be a memorial of your tribute to her.

  3. Veronica!! What a lovely review of my work!! Thank you so very very much. I love your work too! The rose cane that you saw me working on turned out beautifully. I will post photos in the Canes4pain gallery this week. I’ll be taking more classes in gemstone setting and design in about 6 weeks. Stay tuned!! To michael g.b. above.. I study the work of Tiffany jewelry artists. Funny you should mention Tiffany 🙂

    Have a great holiday season! Hope to see you at DomCon in May 🙂



  4. “canes” . . . in and by themselves, canes are an invitingly intimidating “presence” . . . they both attract and repel, like a magnet; but like a magnet a cane “holds one’s attention and doesn’t let go” . . .

    but add to the devastating pleasure/pain the transcendant artistry of sophistsication . . . elegance . . and class . . . like a Tiffany’s Diamond Jewel . . . and the cane becomes so much more . . . to experience it’s “kiss” is akin to being Knighted by Royalty . . . and the motto? — “Cane . . . and Able”! 🙂

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