Raising Money is Never a Drag

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Just like any hopeful Miss World, every sissy must do their up-most when it comes to raising money for charity, however small and insignificant. But seriously, what can a submissive panty wimp really do apart from clean, preen, look pretty and worship a dominant Mistress?

A muscle weak and dizzy blonde is hardly going to run a gruelling marathon or climb a high mountain is she? But hold your horses, those clever Aussies down-under recently had the answer. They trained and feminized a group of pretty fillies to don their brightest racing colors (dresses to you girls), slip into sheer hose and soft panties before charging down the track at the Royal Randwick Racecourse, Sydney on behalf of its Pink Stiletto Race Day.

After weeks of arduous practice and discipline, these game girls momentarily stepped out of their dainty high heels and ran for all their might (careful not to snag their hose or split their dresses) for that coveted winning crown.

Was it their kind hearted nature and charitable rush that spurred them on or did they fear the punishment their Mistress / trainer would administer if they failed to finish within the top three. You decide!

If you’re now feeling guilty and want to do something charitable yourself? Start at home, submit your application to the House for your own intensive feminization training and offer to run to the Mall for your Mistresses groceries. But before you leave don’t forget your purse and above all be careful not to flash your sissy panties!

Ready to start your training?

Submit your application today!


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