Create your own sissy fairy tale!

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Every sissy likes an old fashioned fairy tale and given half the chance many would actively participate in one. If that sounds like you… now here’s your chance.

All you need is a thick local wood, a tiny picnic hamper, a short bottom skimming red dress, ludicrously impractical high heels (not walking boots) and of course a pretty red cloak. Having the co-operation of a kindly grand mother and a big bad wold would be good for added realism, especially if you wanted the wolf to have his wicked way, but is not essential.

I’m lost. Will someone show me the way?

Simply fill your basket with sticky goodies, get yourself made-up and dress in your miniscule little red riding hood dress making sure you show loads of leg, cleavage and panty. We always advocate the use of a sissy clit stretching plug and since we want you to feel lost, submissive, frail and vulnerable this may help.

Now get yourself into that dark forbidding wood, walk deep amongst the trees and get yourself hopelessly lost. Struggle to walk in your heels, don’t tear you hose and always mince like a panty wearing fairy and look as demure as possible even though you’re humiliated and scared shitless.

Will you find granny or will a big bad wolf capture and plunder, poor defenceless you. It’s not for us to tell your personal story though we would love to hear how you got on.

Hans Christian Andersen Watch out !

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