Forced Fem Beauty Salon – Mind Control!

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This is the first in our subliminal training Mind control and brain washing series to turn you into the girl you have always wanted to be! For any sissy who is serious about feminization and service this video series is a must. The more you watch the more powerful the effect this series will have on your girly mind.

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  1. I was looking through the Deep Dish blog and found this. I don’t see a link to the video. I just see a picture at the top. Was the video removed or moved to another location?

  2. Already the deep sublminal messages are being transmitted helping turn you in to what you desire. A real man would be able to this off but you are not a man are you sweetie? You are a girl.

    Kristine Andrea Elizabeth

  3. Curtsy Mistress:
    sissy Jacqueline simply loves this beautiful but short hypnosis certainly helps to reinforce my sissification.

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